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[rpd] AFRINIC PDWG Co-Chair Selection Candidates Matrix

Sylvain Baya abscoco at
Sat May 21 15:22:37 UTC 2022

Dear PDWG,
Please see my comments below, inline...

Le samedi 21 mai 2022, Caleb Olumuyiwa Ogundele <muyiwacaleb at> a
écrit :

> Hello Sylvain,
Hi Caleb,
...many thanks for your email, brother :-)

> Applying or getting nomination itself is a job on it's own.
...absolutely! then, to start, with good faith, one
should do at least the basic tasks required [2] :-/

> The records are there to examine if we decide to dig down.
Exactly! but most of the time, the PDWG has better
 to do :'-(

> The matrix has made selection easy enough to do the selection by rough
> concensus if not by consensus which definitely favours one candidate over
> the others.
"...favours one candidate over the others."

...i understand your intent, but i could not fully
agree because, these eligibility criteria were only
proposed with the aim to discourage those who
want to start from *top* without any clue :'-(

Absolutely not in the spirit to favour anyone!

> Having to write long statements to justify a VOLUNTEER NON PAID position
> when the CV itself speaks volume in addition to the matrix is a no brainer
> to me.

...remark! i, personal, not had to read any of the
four CVs provided...until now...but, that's due to
the actual context :-)

If the pré-slate was differently constituted...then
 there would have been, maybe, more pressure
for more efforts...

...imho, having more information is not bad...
because it should be just about filtering it ;-)

Some of us want to be sure that there is sufficient
information to deal with; without having to dig
down massive source of information...on the first place...and i agree with
them; because it seems
to not really scale :-/

> I like fairness and process.
> From a previous NomCom experience, if the nominees fail to tick certain
> documented criteria such as as a simple matrix, we halt the the progress of
> such applications going forward.
...yes! but, you must check with AdminSys team
 first to be sure there is no technical issue showing
 that the nominee is not responsible of the missing
 data ;-)

> It is vexatious, waste of time and retrogressive to put the entire
> community through the stress of reading every documentation of the
> candidates when only one candidate meets the basic matrix of selection
> criteria this same RPD established and agreed upon.
Right! and it's probably near to what have been
stated here [1] too :-)
[1]: <>
"1| we actually know the various sources [1,2,3]
where to find the information related to individual
 active participation within the PDWG. But it should
 not be the responsibility of the PDWG to dig down
 those sources on the first hand...but it's ok to double-check...if need

> Besides Darwin is a previous Cochair. I'm sure that experience counts also
> in his favour rather than wasting time of community contributors.
...i also support its nomination and it appears to
be the only valid one; according to the eligibility
criteria; as already [2] demonstrated.
[2]: <>

> The earlier the better we get over this and get down to serious policy
> work.
The earlier is still ongoing, imho, and i'm glad, that
 this second implementation of the selection of
PDWG's Chair by rough consensus seems to work
smoother than the first.

...i'm proud to what this WG is actually achieving,
 slowly but surely :-)


> Caleb Ogundele
> On Fri., May 20, 2022, 3:28 p.m. Sylvain Baya, <abscoco at> wrote:
>> {remove community-discuss}
>> Dear PDWG,
>> Hope this email finds you in good health!
>> Please see my comments below inline...
>> Le vendredi 20 mai 2022, Ish Sookun <ish.sookun at> a
>> écrit :
>>> Hi Jordi,
>>> On 20 May 2022, at 13:53, JORDI PALET MARTINEZ <
>>> jordi.palet at> wrote:
>>> [...]


Best Regards !
baya.sylvain[AT cmNOG DOT cm]|<>
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