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[rpd] AFRINIC PDWG Co-Chair Selection Timeframe

Sylvain Baya abscoco at
Tue Apr 26 07:34:10 UTC 2022

Dear PDWG,

Trusting this email finds each of you in good health!
Please see my comments below, inline...

Le lundi 25 avril 2022, Noah <noah at> a écrit :

> On Thu, 21 Apr 2022, 21:19 AFRINIC Policy Liaison, <
> policy-liaison at> wrote:
>> *Dear PDWG,*
>> * According to the AFRINIC Policy Development Process (PDP), two (2)
>> co-chairs shall carry out the administrative functions of the Policy
>> Development Working Group (PDWG).  The term of Darwin Da Costa shall end at
>> the end of the upcoming PaPM on 02 June 2022. In accordance with Section
>> 3.3 of the Consolidated Policy Manual, the PDWG selects the PDWG Chair
>> during the Public Policy Meeting (PPM). The AFRINIC-35  Public Policy
>> Meeting will be held 1-2 June 2022 in hybrid mode.    To facilitate the
>> selection exercise, the AFRINIC Secretariat  proposes the following
>> activities and timelines that the PDWG can follow. We encourage the working
>> group to kickstart the selection process with the same motivation and
>> spirit that guided the selection of the co-chairs in 2021.   Activity Due
>> date 1. PDWG to agree on eligibility criteria for the PDWG Chair 21 April -
>> 26 April 2022 1. Eligibility Criteria is published online 27 April 2022
>> 08h00 UTC 1. Open Call For Interest for the appointment of the PDWG
>> Co-Chair 27 April 2022 10h00 UTC 1. Close of Call For Interest 04 May 2022
>> 19:59 UTC 1. Publication of the list of interested candidates on the rpd
>> mailing list 05 May 2022 1. The PDWG to shortlist the interested candidates
>> that match the eligibility criteria 05 May - 14 May 2022 1. The PDWG to
>> select the new Co-Chair on the rpd mailing list 16 - 28 May 2022 1. Present
>> and announce the selected co-chair 02 June 2022   The eligibility criteria
>> that the community had agreed on for the selection of the current co-chairs
>> in 2021 are as follows:- 1. The intended volunteer must be well conversant
>> with AFRINIC’s consensus-driven ecosystem, including its Policy Development
>> Process; practical understanding of RFC 7282 is required. 2. The intended
>> volunteer must be accessible and make himself or herself available to
>> follow and moderate all policy proposal discussions on AFRINIC’s rpd
>> mailing list as well as attending AFRINIC Public Policy Meetings whenever
>> they are held (Note: All logistical assistance will be provided by
>> AFRINIC); 3. The intended volunteer must have at least 3 years of
>> sufficient past and active participative experience on either AFRINIC’s or
>> any other RIR’s policy development mailing list; 4. The Intended volunteer
>> must have participated in at least two (2) AFRINIC Public Policy Meetings
>> (face-to-face or virtual) in the past three (3) years; 5. The intended
>> volunteer must have sufficient capability of understanding and interpreting
>> the contents of AFRINIC’s Consolidated Policy Manual; 6. The intended
>> volunteer must be able to demonstrate good technical knowledge and
>> understanding of the Internet ecosystem. Having 3 to 5 years of  Internet
>> Protocol related technical experience would be an advantage 7. The intended
>> volunteer should  not be the author of any of the policy proposals
>> currently under  discussion and if need be, or agree to recuse oneself as
>> author/co-author of any policy proposals under discussion, or simply recuse
>> oneself from the position as Co-Chairs pending step down temporarily as
>> co-chair when his or her proposal being is being discussed. 8. The intended
>> volunteer must either reside within or originate from  AFRINIC’s service
>> region; 9. The intended volunteer must be able to demonstrate excellent
>> presentation and communication skills.  10. The intended volunteer must be
>> endorsed and/or nominated by a registered contact of an  AFRINIC Resource
>> Member 11. The intended volunteer must not be a staff of AFRINIC or any
>> other Regional Internet Registry (RIR)*
> The criteria are very reasonable and as PDWG participant, I am happy with
> them.

...i recall the open [1] conversations we had, when
we drafted and agreed on those selection/eligibility
 criteria :-)
[1]: [rpd] Can a Consensual Decision of the PDWG Violate the PDP? (was:
Report from Recall Committee)

[rpd] Selecting WG Co-Chairs: Was Re: Can a Consensual Decision of the PDWG
Violate the PDP? (was: Report from Recall Committee)

[rpd] Criteria for Eligibility or Selection of PDWG Co-Chairs's worth reading again [1], to learn how Rough
Consensus [2] worked by itself, within the AfriNIC's
What this very PDWG achieved was unexpected;
and i also confirmed, from that experience, that
there is always a way for those who believe and have faith.
[2]: <>

...i encourage more active participation; no matter
the arguments pushed. Having opposing views works fine, when there are wise
PDWG's Chairs.
It even worked quite well without any PDWG's Chairs ;-)

Again, these selection/eligibility criteria and (pré-)
selection process timing are welcomed and reflect
 the actual consensus. But, changes/amendements
 are always received, as it should, by the PDWG...

Criterion J (The intended volunteer must be endorsed
and/or nominated by a registered contact of an
AFRINIC Resource Member) is a small but usefull
barrier to potential fallacious & dangerous

All these criteria had the purpose to prevent the risk
 of selecting very *incompetent* [3] volunteers to
conduct the PDWG's activities...imho it did more
 than expected :-) we ended with some of the best
 PDWG's Chairs of these last five years.

Why should we change such effective criteria?
[3]: Those who actually lack sufficient usefull
competencies needed to wisely conduct the
PDWG's activities. A more active participation
may fix that.


> Noah


Best Regards !
baya.sylvain[AT cmNOG DOT cm]|<>
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