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[rpd] AFRINIC PDWG Co-Chair Selection Timeframe

Mirriam mirriamlauren at
Tue Apr 26 07:55:01 UTC 2022

Well put Sylvain, the criteria should remain the same.
Mirriam.    On Tuesday, April 26, 2022, 10:35:31 AM GMT+3, Sylvain Baya <abscoco at> wrote:  
 Dear PDWG, 
Trusting this email finds each of you in good health!Please see my comments below, inline...

Le lundi 25 avril 2022, Noah <noah at> a écrit :

On Thu, 21 Apr 2022, 21:19 AFRINIC Policy Liaison, <policy-liaison at> wrote:


Dear PDWG,
According to the AFRINIC Policy Development Process (PDP), two (2) co-chairs shall carry out the administrative functions of the Policy Development Working Group (PDWG). 
The term of Darwin Da Costa shall end at the end of the upcoming PaPM on 02 June 2022. In accordance with Section 3.3 of the Consolidated Policy Manual, the PDWG selects the PDWG Chair during the Public Policy Meeting (PPM). The AFRINIC-35  Public Policy Meeting will be held 1-2 June 2022 in hybrid mode. 
To facilitate the selection exercise, the AFRINIC Secretariat  proposes the following activities and timelines that the PDWG can follow. We encourage the working group to kickstart the selection process with the same motivation and spirit that guided the selection of the co-chairs in 2021.
 Activity          Due date
PDWG to agree on eligibility criteria for the PDWG Chair   21 April - 26 April 2022

Eligibility Criteria is published online      27 April 2022 08h00 UTC

Open Call For Interest for the appointment of the PDWG Co-Chair   27 April 2022 10h00 UTC

Close of Call For Interest       04 May 2022 19:59 UTC

Publication of the list of interested candidates on the rpd mailing list  05 May 2022

The PDWG to shortlist the interested candidates that match the eligibility criteria 05 May - 14 May 2022

The PDWG to select the new Co-Chair on the rpd mailing list  16 - 28 May 2022

Present and announce the selected co-chair     02 June 2022

The eligibility criteria that the community had agreed on for the selection of the current co-chairs in 2021 are as follows:-
The intended volunteer must be well conversant with AFRINIC’s consensus-driven ecosystem, including its Policy Development Process; practical understanding of RFC 7282 is required.

The intended volunteer must be accessible and make himself or herself available to follow and moderate all policy proposal discussions on AFRINIC’s rpd mailing list as well as attending AFRINIC Public Policy Meetings whenever they are held (Note: All logistical assistance will be provided by AFRINIC);

The intended volunteer must have at least 3 years of sufficient past and active participative experience on either AFRINIC’s or any other RIR’s policy development mailing list;

The Intended volunteer must have participated in at least two (2) AFRINIC Public Policy Meetings (face-to-face or virtual) in the past three (3) years;

The intended volunteer must have sufficient capability of understanding and interpreting the contents of AFRINIC’s Consolidated Policy Manual;

The intended volunteer must be able to demonstrate good technical knowledge and understanding of the Internet ecosystem. Having 3 to 5 years of  Internet Protocol related technical experience would be an advantage

The intended volunteer should  not be the author of any of the policy proposals currently under  discussion and if need be, or agree to recuse oneself as author/co-author of any policy proposals under discussion, or simply recuse oneself from the position as Co-Chairs pending step down temporarily as co-chair when his or her proposal being is being discussed.

The intended volunteer must either reside within or originate from  AFRINIC’s service region;

The intended volunteer must be able to demonstrate excellent presentation and communication skills. 

The intended volunteer must be endorsed and/or nominated by a registered contact of an  AFRINIC Resource Member

The intended volunteer must not be a staff of AFRINIC or any other Regional Internet Registry (RIR)

The criteria are very reasonable and as PDWG participant, I am happy with them.

...i recall the open [1] conversations we had, when we drafted and agreed on those selection/eligibility criteria :-)__[1]: [rpd] Can a Consensual Decision of the PDWG Violate the PDP? (was: Report from Recall Committee) pipermail/rpd/2021/012462.html
[rpd] Selecting WG Co-Chairs: Was Re: Can a Consensual Decision of the PDWG Violate the PDP? (was: Report from Recall Committee) pipermail/rpd/2021/012472.html
[rpd] Criteria for Eligibility or Selection of PDWG Co-Chairs pipermail/rpd/2021/012478.html's worth reading again [1], to learn how Rough Consensus [2] worked by itself, within the AfriNIC's PDWG.What this very PDWG achieved was unexpected; and i also confirmed, from that experience, that there is always a way for those who believe and have faith.__[2]: <>
...i encourage more active participation; no matter the arguments pushed. Having opposing views works fine, when there are wise PDWG's Chairs. It even worked quite well without any PDWG's Chairs ;-)

Again, these selection/eligibility criteria and (pré-) selection process timing are welcomed and reflect the actual consensus. But, changes/amendements are always received, as it should, by the PDWG...
Criterion J (The intended volunteer must be endorsed and/or nominated by a registered contact of an AFRINIC Resource Member) is a small but usefull barrier to potential fallacious & dangerous candidacies.
All these criteria had the purpose to prevent the risk of selecting very *incompetent* [3] volunteers to conduct the PDWG's activities...imho it did more than expected :-) we ended with some of the best PDWG's Chairs of these last five years. 
Why should we change such effective criteria?__[3]: Those who actually lack sufficient usefull competencies needed to wisely conduct the PDWG's activities. A more active participation may fix that.





Best Regards !
baya.sylvain[AT cmNOG DOT cm]|<>
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