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[rpd] Resignation of Policy Development Appeal Committee member

Anthony Ubah ubah.tonyiyke at
Tue Feb 16 18:50:16 UTC 2021

Hi Fernando,

I'm confused. You apparently have some reservations about the past
co-chairs, or about my response, could you be direct, and speak frankly as

While I referenced my previous comments which bothered on the issue of the
co-chairs, this was to buttress my point on the need for the community to
communicate with more decorum while addressing one another(AFRINIC staff

Taking up a paid position demands a good measure of respect for those being
led/Serviced, more so those who have volunteered to serve. I have clearly
argued that there should be respect for these individuals and their mental
health should be put into considerations while debating or in dispute.
There are a few with a penchant for bullying and oppressing
officials until their demands are met. I speak up against these.

I have spoken directly, and hope this is frank enough.

*Best Regards,*


On Tue, Feb 16, 2021 at 7:22 PM Fernando Frediani <fhfrediani at>

> Guys, please let's speak frankly and directly.


> It seems there is a bit of regret due to the fact that the work done is

> voluntary. And because of that I read some people suggesting that those in

> these roles are excused to commit mistakes and eventually violate rules

> (regardless if it was unintentional or not) as it happened recently and was

> confirmed by the Recall Committee.


> It is always good to have people volunteered for a lot of community things

> but nobody may use the volunteer status as an excuse to do things in the

> wrong way.

> Sometimes you don't have very much experienced volunteers but have people

> trying to do their best to fix their own mistakes when warned by other and

> carry things on. I believe the previous Co-Chairs were given enough chances

> for quiet a while to fix wrong decisions but they decided to keep them,

> despite some unnecessary reactions coming from them as pointed by Recall

> Committee report as well.


> I have no idea why some people form the Appeal Committee have resigned but

> if they either they were not prepared, they were feeling pressured or had

> other more important stuff to do it was a good thing their resignation.

> Then Board of Directors appoints new people willing to serve and knowing

> the situation. That's how the PDP works and we keep moving.


> So in resume let's not to use the "volunteer" argument that reduces the

> seriousness of the job to be done or as an excuse to commit mistakes and

> not be able to fix them. If one is not prepared perhaps it's just not time

> to accept the role yet.


> Regards

> Fernando

> On 16/02/2021 15:00, Anthony Ubah wrote:


> Hello Jaco,



> I completely agree with you. I think we should be gravely worried.

> I'm no expert, but it is appropriate to investigate these occurrences.


> The unfair criticism and aggressive behavior of community members towards

> volunteers are uncalled for, and calls to question the mentality of these

> volunteers in discharging their duties moving forward.


> There is a need to review the conduct of community members towards members

> who have volunteered in good faith.


> I have spoken about the misconduct from members of this community towards

> voluntary officials in countless comments in the RPD.


> One of such is my response to you in "REQUEST TO RECALL THE AFRINIC PDWG

> CO-CHAIRS", on Nov 17, 2020



> Below;


>> Hello Jaco

>> I will have to agree with Daniel.

>> It is sad to note that these Co-Chairs have been stretched, dragged, and

>> bullied by members of the community since I can remember. with respect to

>> the policies being discussed, the co-chairs who were elected by the

>> community were pushed by voices in the community to take action. Reaction

>> to actions taken will always be relative and comes with divided views as

>> before actions were taken.

>> They have worked under immense pressure to man such a difficult community

>> as ours, and have endured tsunamis of pressure from different matters

>> arising, members and perhaps interest groups clamoring for their biddings

>> to be done against that of other members. What will the replacement do

>> differently?

>> Chairing a community like this at this time has proven to be very

>> complex. A call for their removal is unwarranted. People must learn to

>> agree to disagree sometimes for calm and order to ensure, or perhaps follow

>> due process and exercise patience for the process to run it’s course

>> naturally. I will also say this call it is in bad taste, and may cause a

>> fracture in an already battered structure.

>> I ran for and lost the race for one of the then-available seats in

>> Kampala, there I spoke about the hostility, intimidations, and bullying

>> which I felt and still feel is resident in the community, prompting me to

>> run. I stated clearly that these factors are responsible for discouraging

>> younger generations from actively participating and bringing in fresh ideas

>> into the community. Today, I dared not declare interest in running for a

>> seat in this capacity at Afrinic again because of these persistent

>> happenings...But I digress

>> This call may set bad precedence within the community and It should be

>> rejected this time. ........




> Another such comment is on the thread "Re: Community Feeback" on Dec 2,

> 2020.



> I wrote;


> " +1

>> From my understanding, the co-chair role is a voluntary role, and a very

>> tasking one at it. The truck loads of pressure and opposition is really

>> alarming and this makes the role very difficult and unattractive for the

>> next sets of volunteers.

>> There should be respect and decorum in dealing with, and most especially

>> opposing them. Since it is unrealistic to please everyone, patience and

>> understanding is key from us all in the community too.


>> Like Daniel Yakmut has said, if it is difficult to cope with the human

>> nature of the elected co-chairs, perhaps we should seek an auto regulating

>> model, and run on some sort of poll opinions. That way charts and numbers

>> will settle differences and no one can have reasons to be disgruntled.

>> ..........."



> We must explore new ways to protect these volunteers and their mental

> health.



> Best Regards,





> *Best Regards,*




> On Tue, Feb 16, 2021 at 3:19 PM Jaco Kroon <jaco at> wrote:


>> Hi SM,


>> This is the second resignation from the AC in less than a week.


>> Should we be worried?


>> Kind Regards,

>> Jaco



>> On 2021/02/16 15:34, chair at wrote:


>> > Dear Policy Development Working Group,

>> >

>> > Ms Wafa Dahmani informed the AFRINIC Board of Directors of her

>> > resignation from the Policy Development Appeal Committee member with

>> > immediate effect. The Board would like to thank Ms Dahmani for her

>> > work on the Policy Development Appeal Committee.

>> >

>> > Regards,

>> > S. Moonesamy

>> >

>> > Board Chair, AFRINIC

>> >

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>> > RPD at

>> >


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