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[rpd] inputs on IPv4 Inter-RIR policy proposals - AFRINIC needs this policy now!

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at
Sun Jun 30 22:22:45 UTC 2019

In message <9AC2CB5C-8943-46F0-A2AB-E0EA3706ECF9 at>, 
Owen DeLong <owen at> wrote:

>> As of today, it Afrinic at liberty to allocate, grant, disperse,
>> transfer, or whatever you want to call it, any block of IPv4 address
>> space to a party that is neither resident in, nor providing services
>> to/in the Afrinic region?
>Yes and no.
>AfriNIC cannot issue address space to a third party outside of the
>AfriNIC region.
>AfriNIC is free to transfer the management of a block of addresses to...

I need to be clear.  My questions are not intended to be at all
relevant to the ongoing discussions of Inter-RIR transfers.
I am, at this point, rather entirely ambivalent on that issue,
and not sure that I have any position at all on it.

I was primarily just intersted in the matter of the utilization
of Afrinic-assigned resources., and whether or not there was
any requirement in the Bylaws that would be relevant to that.
But now that I am researching the issue a little bit more, I
see that a definitive answer on this was given by Mr. Andrew
Alston on this utilization question,, way back in July of 2017:

(I would like to take this opportunity to encourage everyone on
this mailing list to wrap your lines at 80 columns.  I think you
can all see, via the above link, the negative effects of failing
to do so.  And those negative effects are relevant not just to
the archives, but also to many of us with email clients different
from your own.)

Anyway, to return to the issue, in July of 2017 Mr. Alston helpfully
clarified the one and only question that I actually had an interest
in, i.e. the utilization of Afrinic-assigned resources entirely
outside of the region.  Apparently, this is perfectly kosher.  Now
I know.


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