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[rpd] inputs on IPv4 Inter-RIR policy proposals - AFRINIC needs this policy now!

Owen DeLong owen at
Sun Jun 30 12:44:28 UTC 2019

> On Jun 29, 2019, at 16:45 , Ronald F. Guilmette <rfg at> wrote:
> Thanks for the response Jordi.  Unortunately, your response has done
> nothing to clarify for me the current operative meaning, if any, of
> Section 6.1 of the Bylaws, and specifically its quite apparent
> residence/service requirement.
> My question is quite a simple one and I do still hope for an answer.
> As of today, it Afrinic at liberty to allocate, grant, disperse,
> transfer, or whatever you want to call it, any block of IPv4 address
> space to a party that is neither resident in, nor providing services
> to/in the Afrinic region?

Yes and no.

AfriNIC cannot issue address space to a third party outside of the AfriNIC region.

AfriNIC is free to transfer the management of a block of addresses to another RIR if the community passes a policy which would allow it to do so.

It should be noted that in the case of inter-RIR transfers, there’s essentially a multiple-step process…(RIPE below is shorthand for RIPE NCC)

	1.	Entity providing space submits request to their local RIR (e.g. AfriNIC in this case)
		requesting that the space be transferred via remote RIR to a particular resource holder there. (e.g. RIPE->Sven’s Bait and Tackle)

	2.	Entity acquiring space submits request to their local RIR (Sven->RIPE in this case) requesting
		to be approved to receive the space.

	3.	AfriNIC would have to approve the transfer based on their “donor” requirements.

	4.	AfriNIC would communicate their approval to RIPE.

	5.	RIPE would have to approve the transfer based on their “recipient” requirements.

	6.	RIPE would communicate their approval to AfriNIC.

	7.	AfriNIC would work with RIPE to complete the transfer of authority from the AfriNIC database
		to the RIPE database.

	8.	RIPE would then issue the space to the recipient (Sven’s Bait and Tackle)

My understanding of 6.1 of the bylaws is that it is intended to reflect the territorial exclusivity provisions of ICP-2, not as a control or
restriction on transfers of authority over space between and amongst the RIRs themselves.

There is a difference between issuance of space by AfriNIC to a resource member and transfer of authority to an RIR.


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