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[rpd] Inbound Policy

Hytham El-Nakhal hytham at
Sat Dec 31 10:58:38 UTC 2016

Happy New Year 2017 and Best Wishes to All.

I've some comments on this policy proposal as a human being member in rpd-list;

1. The recipient should be a resource member of AFRINIC ==> Otherwise, other type of membership could become resource traders.

2. The recipient of resources should first justified his need to these resources to AFRINIC and these required resources can't be satisfied be AFRINIC. 
==> Otherwise, this policy may lead us to get resources from members of other regions cheaper than what AFRINIC provide, and lead to lose members of AFRINIC. 

3. The recipient is not allowed to retransfer the received resources to other member in AFRINIC, if the recipient at anytime doesn't need the transferred resources, he can return it back to AFRINIC pool. ==> Otherwise, this policy in conjunction with the "IPv4 Resources transfer within the AFRINIC Region" will be the official bridge for secondary market that we are against.

I'd like to ask authors to, in addition to the staff and legal assessment & comments on the policy proposal, address the comments of other RIRs at the end of the policy proposal page:
under the header of "Tentative Assessment from other RIRs". 

Haitham el Nakhal

From: Alan Levin <alan at>
Sent: Thursday, December 29, 2016 11:08 AM
To: rpd Discussion List
Subject: Re: [rpd] Inbound Policy


On 06 Dec 2016, at 11:29 AM, Mark Elkins <mje at> wrote:
> The policy made perfect sense for the community in that it benefits the
> community. There was no down side to it.
> When looking at how the Intra-AFRINIC transfer proposal went - I
> personally saw no equal/opposite reaction - only support from the
> community - including from Andrew. If anything, the panel proposing the
> policy seemed a little hesitant at times.
> It should not matter who is proposing a policy - its the policy that
> matters.

> We should be well past this now. Whether we come from an English or
> French speaking country or Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish or Ethiopian (I
> think that is more or less the whole list?), we should be united in
> doing what is best for the whole African Internet community. If some
> person whom we dislike has a good idea - its still a good idea. We
> should not go after the person. If its a bad, illogical proposal - pick
> on that and not the person.
> If its a good, logical proposal (even if one may not fully support it in
> its entirety), we need to remain constructive.
> The Internet World watches us.
> So I strongly believe we need this inbound transfer policy and as such,
> I support the Policy.

I have read the policy and comments and I could not see any legitimate reason to stop this from being adopted.

I agree with Marks level headed comments above…

I like this list because people generally don't top post and generally adhere to netiquette…

Can we all try to work together? I have a sense that there is 'general' consensus on this one



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