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[rpd] Inbound Policy

Alan Levin alan at
Thu Dec 29 09:08:26 UTC 2016


On 06 Dec 2016, at 11:29 AM, Mark Elkins <mje at> wrote:
> The policy made perfect sense for the community in that it benefits the
> community. There was no down side to it.
> When looking at how the Intra-AFRINIC transfer proposal went - I
> personally saw no equal/opposite reaction - only support from the
> community - including from Andrew. If anything, the panel proposing the
> policy seemed a little hesitant at times.
> It should not matter who is proposing a policy - its the policy that
> matters.

> We should be well past this now. Whether we come from an English or
> French speaking country or Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish or Ethiopian (I
> think that is more or less the whole list?), we should be united in
> doing what is best for the whole African Internet community. If some
> person whom we dislike has a good idea - its still a good idea. We
> should not go after the person. If its a bad, illogical proposal - pick
> on that and not the person.
> If its a good, logical proposal (even if one may not fully support it in
> its entirety), we need to remain constructive.
> The Internet World watches us.
> So I strongly believe we need this inbound transfer policy and as such,
> I support the Policy.

I have read the policy and comments and I could not see any legitimate reason to stop this from being adopted.

I agree with Marks level headed comments above… 

I like this list because people generally don't top post and generally adhere to netiquette… 
Can we all try to work together? I have a sense that there is 'general' consensus on this one



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