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[rpd] Mass Hijacking of AFRINIC IPv4 Space by U.S.A. Spammers

Lu Heng at
Fri Nov 18 13:15:09 UTC 2016

Hi Everyone:

Seun, one thing he was right, we does had an incident:) Cloud Innovation
had its IP hijacked, more than half a million, this year, Me, as the CEO of
the group of companies, made an public presentation about the case, and had
a though out discussion both in RIPE community as well as Afrinic community.

Here is the presentation:

And below is some feedback we received from RIPE community:

Dear Lu Heng,

Here is the feedback for your presentation 'Invisibly Hijacking',

Content rating: 8.2 out of 10.0 (with 73 submissions)
Presentation style: 7.0 out of 10.0 (with 73 submissions)

- Very interesting and presentation, appreciated the insight into this kind
of problems. Not so great English from presenter, but that can of course be
understood. More like this please!
- very niceeee more of this!!!!!
- Probably too heavy for just lightning talk.
- Thanks for sharing your experience.

Kind regards,

on behalf of the RIPE Programme Committee

Same presentation was shared with Afrinic community as well this year:

In which you can find minutes here:

You see, this is how things get the right attention without bothering
people in the wrong place, if you think the abuse case you are facing are
unique in technical nature, than share it in an technical conference,
policy mailing list are for policy only.

I hope above clarify things, our company has the most strict policy towards
not only spam, but Emailing service in General, aside from few of our own
mail servers, we do not operate any Email related service, even though we
operate rather large prefix, our blacklist rate are lowest amount most
similar size ISPs.

We stay committed to help African community's future growth as well as zero
abuse on Afrinic's precise resource.

Hope above helps.

With regards.


On 18 November 2016 at 16:38, Omo Oaiya <Omo.Oaiya at> wrote:

> > On 18 Nov 2016, at 09:14, Alan Barrett <alan.barrett at> wrote:
> >
> >
> >> On 18 Nov 2016, at 11:28, Ronald F. Guilmette <rfg at>
> wrote:
> >> I do -not- suggest taking back any legacy resources from any legal
> entity
> >> or rightful successor in law where said entity or at least some rightful
> >> succssor in law can be located with modest but reasonable due diligence.
> >> But neither do I think it a wise practice to bury the dead with all of
> >> their Krugerrands, e.g. out of some deranged and misplaced sense of duty
> >> to their departed spirits.
> >
> > I will initiate an effort to contact legacy resource holders whose space
> is registered in the AFRINCI database, and verify or update their contact
> details.  I don’t know what can be done if the original resource holder has
> disappeared leaving the space abandoned.
> What is clearly evident is that a review/audit policy is sorely needed.  I
> don’t know about Mauritius but abandoned property is generally subject to
> finders keepers rules or a variation.  I can see no better keeper than the
> RIR. Perhaps we seek legal advice on this as you try to contact these
> resource holders.
> I am not condoning but couldn’t help noticing the varied response to
> Ronald Guilmette’s breach of conduct.   If the authors of the proposed
> policy got as much varied feedback, it would help to make sure the policy
> fulfils the requirements rather than the distractions with inconsequential
> fear-mongering posts about witch hunts etc.
> -Omo
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Kind regards.
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