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[rpd] Lame delegation in AFRINIC WHOIS database

Saul Stein saul at
Wed Oct 26 10:53:49 UTC 2016

Well, in the MyAfrinic portal, you aren't supposed to be able to add 
assigments for IP space, until you have delegated the reverse if I recall.
So it is actually a bigger question - if the reverse delegation if 
fake/false/lame then what should happen with the assignments as it would 
affect IP usage when requesting more space.


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To: Amreesh Phokeer <amreesh at>; AfriNIC Resource Policy 
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Subject: Re: [rpd] Lame delegation in AFRINIC WHOIS database

On 26/10/2016 09:24, Amreesh Phokeer wrote:

> Questions to the community:
> 1. Should AFRINIC implement operational checks that are run
> periodically and members are informed about the status of their domain 
> objects.

"After X reminders, if domain object still contain lame NS records, domain 
object are removed." is part of "2"

years ago, when I started to run the CO.ZA domain name system, Mike Lawrie, 
the previous administrator, strongly suggested to me that you should not put 
something into the zone until it works. i.e. Start off with something that 

This was built into the CO.ZA DNS system - your Nameservers has to work at 
the time of delegation. Lots of people did not like this - but it was 
policy. This has relaxed a bit over time.

When Nameservers are added to the AFRINIC "" web interface
- one could run some checks there and then and provide user feedback.
One could either refuse to accept the new/change operation immediately - or 
perhaps after a day (before people forget).

A once-yearly check would perhaps be appropriate. If something is noted to 
be bad, check once a week/month and send warnings until its fixed (or 
perhaps automatically deleted).

Currently - I have no idea if any of my Nameservers are Lame. That would be 
the first problem to "fix".

I think visual feedback should also be provided for DS records added/present 
in the system. Always do these tests when someone makes a change - and 
perhaps when ever someone logs into my.afrinic.

> 2. Should the AFRINIC community enforce lame delegation removal
> through a policy.

Whether Policy or not - I'd support the eventual removal of nameservers 
found to be completely broken.

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