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[rpd] Policy Proposal Update - IPv4 Soft Landing-bis

Owen DeLong owen at
Mon Aug 29 21:42:04 UTC 2016

> On Aug 28, 2016, at 00:39 , Andrew Alston <Andrew.Alston at> wrote:
> So, lets look at this like this
> Certain countries are starting to propose regulations that state that all public hotspots HAVE to have public IP addresses – see the Kenyan draft regulations (actually interestingly enough I believe that’s also the status-quo in certain European countries)

Are they required to have public IPv4 addresses or just public addresses?

If it’s public IPv4 addresses, that’s rather a silly requirement.

Are we talking about the address of the hotspot itself or the addresses it must hand out to its clients?

What, exactly, does the law actually say?

> Now, taken from the perspective of a company that does public hotspots, supporting thousands of users, limiting the amount of space a provider can get = limitation on the amount of public hotspots they can provide.
> Does this really impact the company providing the hotspots?  Well, probably not from a revenue perspective, not massively anyway.  However, it *DOES* directly impact the *AFRICAN CUSTOMER* 
> Yes, I know some are going to say that v4 space is running out – so the impact is coming anyway, however, why not let those who have the ability to actually service the customers *TODAY* do so?  Why the limitations and the dragging out of v4 life span when the rest of the world has already gone over the cliff?

To this extent, I agree with you.


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