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[rpd] Policy Proposal Update - IPv4 Soft Landing-bis

Andrew Alston Andrew.Alston at
Thu Aug 25 12:58:37 UTC 2016


Let me also add this.

If you wish to use IPv6 rollouts as a means to justify your policy, which I remain opposed to.

How about, you go and DO an ipv6 rollout on scale, and then use your OWN experiences to justify your policy.  Rather than just talking about it and making baseless justifications using other peoples work?


From: Andrew Alston <Andrew.Alston at>
Date: Thursday, 25 August 2016 at 3:38 PM
To: Omo Oaiya <Omo.Oaiya at>, Noah <noah at>
Cc: rpd <rpd at>
Subject: Re: [rpd] Policy Proposal Update - IPv4 Soft Landing-bis


I am sorry to say this – but please, do not take the success of one IPv6 rollout and the challenges it involves, performed by someone who OPPOSSES your policy, to justify its existence.

Let me be VERY clear here – I am opposed to this policy – for every single reason I stated so clearly in Gaborone, I remain opposed to this policy, and if anything, the IPv6 rollout done by Liquid Telecommunications highlights many of the very reasons I AM opposed to this policy.

Large operators still need space – and it is the large operators that are actively DOING something about rolling out IPv6, and it is these same people who this policy would directly damage through its unjustified limitations that are not grounded in ANY empirical evidence and justification presented so far.

I remain committed to the repealing of the current limitations of the current policy until someone can empirically justify the numbers and limitations in the current policy with evidence to backup where they came from, and what the motivations behind those specific figures are – beyond just pure hyperbole and speculation.

But please, once again, do not use my emails and the successes of other people to justify something that those same people are highly opposed to.


From: Omo Oaiya [mailto:Omo.Oaiya at]
Sent: 25 August 2016 13:44
To: Noah <noah at>
Cc: rpd <rpd at>
Subject: Re: [rpd] Policy Proposal Update - IPv4 Soft Landing-bis

Dear All,

The recent discussions leading from the Liquid Telecoms IPv6 deployment have buttressed the reasoning and approach of this policy especially Andrew's frank e-mails which were very much appreciated.

I summarise his key points as

- rolling out v6 on a wide scale isn't all easy sailing and while we must encourage adoption, we need to find ways to surmount challenges and widespread adoption will take some time.
- that IPv4 is critical, cannot be avoided and necessary to adopt IPv6

The authors have addressed the issues raised in Gaborone and barring any others, I believe it is time we concluded on this proposal and moved this on for ratification.

Best wishes

On 3 August 2016 at 20:15, Noah <noah at<mailto:noah at>> wrote:
Hi Dewole,

Thank you so much for sharing. We shall go through and comment.


On Tue, Aug 2, 2016 at 6:45 PM, Dewole Ajao <dewole at<mailto:dewole at>> wrote:
Dear members,

This is to inform you that the above named policy proposal has been updated by the authors and the update published accordingly.

Details can be found at the following URL:

ID: AFPUB-2016-V4-001-DRAFT03


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