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[rpd] Some thoughts, and some actions required

Andrew Alston Andrew.Alston at
Sun Feb 7 16:00:04 UTC 2016


No one is disputing we need IPv6.  No one is disputing that we need to dual stack.  What I am disputing is that there is no need for IPv4 space at the moment.

Let’s look at some hard facts.

A.) NAT64-PT is not supported on many large platforms, including anything running IOS-XR or on anything running IOS Classic, in fact its only supported by Cisco in IOS-XE as far as I know, and for those of running Cisco, those boxes simply don’t scale.
B.) Even if you could NAT64 everything, there are plenty of devices that have ZERO v6 support in them (Including Samsung smart TV’s for example and plenty of other smart tv’s and other devices)
C.) Customers don’t give a damn if they are running v4 or v6, they want it to work
D.) Without any v4 you cannot connect a client and expect everything to work because there is a VERY high chance HE is going to be running stuff that does not support v6, and a client doesn’t give a damn if you tell me that he needs to replace his hardware  to get online, he rather finds a new provider.

Yes, we want IPv6, yes, we get that, and if I could I’d scrap all v4 outta my network tomorrow, and in fact in areas we have done exactly that WHERE POSSIBLE, but its simply NOT possible at the moment in many areas (Trust me, I spent days trying to scrap v4 outta my own house and didn’t even succeed there, because of certain devices that simply do not support v6)

So, catch 22 situation, you need v4 to talk to large parts of the rest of the world, which is what your customers want, they wanna be able to just access it, they don’t care how.  You need v6 to reduce the amount of v4 you are using.  You cannot run v6 and translate to v4 because of lack of support for NAT64-PT and because large numbers of devices don’t support v6, you cannot translate all v4 into v6 to reduce it because there is tons of stuff on the net that doesn’t support v6 yet.  At this point you have to have BOTH.

That leaves a need for v4, no matter how much we scream we don’t need it and we need to promote v6, we also need to be practical in our businesses and in providing what our customers want, and that’s access to the internet, not addresses.


From: Noah <noah at<mailto:noah at>>
Date: Sunday, 7 February 2016 at 6:24 PM
To: Andrew Alston <Andrew.Alston at<mailto:Andrew.Alston at>>
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Subject: Re: [rpd] Some thoughts, and some actions required

On 5 Feb 2016 08:16, "Andrew Alston" <Andrew.Alston at<mailto:Andrew.Alston at>> wrote:
> Noah,
>  Start thinking, lets here the solutions, because I hear a lot of opposition for the transfer policy proposal which I believe in based on fear and paranoia, but I have yet to hear a single person say what they are going to do as an alternative when AfriNIC does run out, and run out it will.

There is no better solution than going IPv6 regardless of the current limitations. Rather than get scared of limited ipv6 coverage, one would invest more on getting their network ready...

To me the transfer policy will heavily aid the scramble for cheap African IP number resources to the continents disavantage. Some folks out there are IPv4 mercenaries....

You talk of business that want to expand failing to do so without a tranfer policy that allows them to buy outside, but then you forget that internet development in Africa is still a huge challenge due to so many social-economic and political factors which is why even at current internet growth even thought is better comparee to 5 years ago, has not been fast but its promising... the telecoms have tried to extend its reach and the advent of mobile devices which if you come to think of it, IPv6 would be the altimate best solution...

If the business enviroment was condusive, we wouldnt have taken this long to exhaust our own coffers with a population of close to 1 billion now.

Statistically, even the interim tranfer solution wont have much impact which is why i would rather spend my money advocating for an IPv6 internet than dwell in a resource which by 2019 will be not available or if available very bloody expensive....

By 2020 there will be about 50 billion devices online yet at current growth... your IPv4 of 4.3 billion addresses is just an old protocol running out of room... and the good news is that IPv6 growth in terms of usage is at about 15% at current with most internet giants already compliant from Google to Facebook, Akamai Comcast yahoo microsoft etc not forgeting vendors like Cisco Juniper Dlink to name but a few.... and our own African NSP's that transport IP traffic in and out the continent...

Knowing our continent, am sure we will manage with current allocations as more  IPv6 transions strategies become apparent....other regions are ahead of us and they are not wasting time...

> Andrew

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