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[rpd] Improving participation of francophone and arab country (was Re: Contents of RPD digest...")

Chevalier du Borg virtual.borg at
Mon Dec 28 12:18:09 UTC 2015


Le 28 décembre 2015 à 15:17, Khaled KHELIFI <khaled at> a écrit :
> أهلا بالجميع،
> لو تكلمت اليوم باللغة العربية لغة أكثر من 300 مليون مواطن في شمال القارة الافريقية، هل سيجيبني أحد؟ لا أتوقع ذلك. هل ستتواصل معي إدارة الافرينيك باللغة التي أحبذ التواصل بها؟
> Bonjour à tous,
> Si je m'exprime en langue arabe aujourd'hui, langue officielle de plus de 300 millions de personnes au nord du continent, est-ce que je vais recevoir une réponse des membres de la communauté?


depends what your goal is

a) prove a point that just for it's sake
b) influence other people

if there's one thing i learn about influence, is this "Communication
is what the LISTENER/RECEIVER does". speaking arabic to a community
you know to be majority english is ineffectiveness ..... on your part
(don't complain that you got ignored). so is going to a
french-speaking country and having all talks in french when you know
most people in your audience are french speaking.

also, tell me an arabic country in this continent that don't speak
english or french.

no one will be more glad than me if you can get sufficient engaged
french-speaking people on this list to propose and discuss a proposal
in french ... forcing the anglophones to catch up.


 Est-ce que l'administration de l'Afrinic comprend et peut répondre
aux requêtes de ses membres arabophones?


good question, that's for afrinic staff, but is not relevant to this
discussion of COMMUNITY engagement.


 Je pense pas pour le moment. La question devait être soulevée auprès du board.


classic mentality of Ineffectivstan: the is these problem that might
affect me. it takes work to analyse it and propose solution, so i'll
just ask some authority to solve it for me.

Borg le Chevalier
"Common sense is what tells us the world is flat"

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