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[rpd] Integrity Issues

Seun Ojedeji seun.ojedeji at
Tue Jul 14 08:07:06 UTC 2015

Hi Saul,

Actually this is a non-policy issue that should have been limited to the
members list. As one of the chairs of AfriNIC PDP I can only wish the
recent traffic on the rpd is geared towards a policy. ;-)

Nevertheless, I understand that the rpd is the only public AfriNIC list
where the entire community including non-members(by virtue of AfriNIC
membership) can participate and make their contribution.

That said, I don't think the issue at hand should have degenerated thus far
and i think one of the reason why it's this way is because there seem to be
indications of lack of transparency even though there may be noting to hide

I like to sight a short scenario; during the last AfriNIC PPM a community
member suggested on the floor that there is need to have both co-chairs
before PDP can commence. Even though I know that it is not procedurally
correct that both chairs must be physically present, observing the mood of
the community (consensus wise) it would become unwise of me to insist
otherwise as that would only make things more interesting than it should.
So I asked myself 3 questions that helped make decision:
- Is this an observed view(wish) of the community present? - Yes
- Does granting it compromise laid down guideline of the PDP? - No
- Am I procedurally empowered to grant their request? - Yes

While the situation may not be entirely similar, it is my hope that the
board would ask themselves those questions, make their decisions and stand
by it.

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On 14 Jul 2015 8:27 am, "Saul" <saul at> wrote:

> Dear all,
> Sadly I no longer believe that this thread is about justice or the best
> interest of the community - it has become merely vindictive. From being
> only
> on the RPD list, in order to cause more harm, it has now spread to the
> members list too.
> There are people that are making allegations against others whom they admit
> they don't even know - to no good.
> There is an age old saying, if you don’t have anything constructive to say,
> then don't say it! Once something is said, it is out there and there are
> people here that are more interested in having their say based on hearsay
> rather than fact.
> By all means, if you have fact, make a statement supported by evidence, but
> lets stop this criticising of people simply because you are hiding behind
> an
> email!
> Saul
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