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[members-discuss] [rpd] Privacy breach of nomcom2015's Mailing List

Noah noah at
Tue Jun 9 08:31:01 UTC 2015

On 9 Jun 2015 07:59, "Andrew Alston" <Andrew.Alston at>
> Hi All,

> If we choose to stay silent on the lists and only respond when things
eventually hit the floor of the meeting room, I argue that we have done the
community a huge disservice and we should castigate ourselves for that,
rather than complaining we had no chance to comment.  Why do I say this?
Because the reality is that on the floor we have fairly low representation,
and in fact in terms of members, less than 10% of members were represented
on the members side of the room in the AGMM.  By choosing to only discuss
and debate (and indeed object) to things only in the room, we
disenfranchise the rest of the member base, and deny them our opinions and
their chance to agree or rebut.

>From past experience, most resolutions have been passed on the floor by the
consensus of that very 10% you are talking about.......

May i also remind you that even on the various mailing lists, the
discussions and opinions are always coming from pretty much another 10%
which is always the same batch of individuals ref: the summary of active
individuals discussing any given issue ...which summary is always send by
afriNIC indicating clearly who made the most noise....

So like Ismael stated.... let's think of how to expand the participation so
that issues are widely discussed and rationally passed by more members than
a handful of individuals..... [the usual 10%]

> We need to decide, is the only time we have for this organisation and to
pay attention to the issues when we are away from home and away from our
daily lives?  Is that the only time we are willing to spare for the
organisation that provides us resources that are critical to our
businesses?  I would hope we are more dedicated than that.

Look, we all care for AfriNIC as the custodian of very important resources
that contribute to the development of the Internet (African Internet) and

1. We want it to be self sustainable so that it can execute its mandate of

a. Careful resource allocation.
b. Number resource sensitization IPv6
c. Members Education on various issues
d. Research and improving service delivery
e. Promote innovation like the FIRE project

PS: And most importantly protecting the very scarce resource from those who
seek to abuse it under the pretext of exhaustion.

All the above and more require clear strategic plans for 5 to 10 years and
less politicking because this "pseudo democracy" which has been going on
for far to long is hurting AfriNIC than helping it solve a lot of issues
that even after more than 10 bloody years we are here still playing the
same old games.

I will conclude with the below.

1. Board should ensure AfriNIC manages its finances so that it can continue
executing its mandate. No organisation can advance without a sound budget.

2. The board should also ensure AfriNIC has a sound strategic plan going
forward and this should be shared with the community.

3. The community should be involved more now, than ever so that it's
interests are not only represented but also protected from a handful of

> Thanks
> Andrew

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