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[members-discuss] Re: [rpd] Privacy breach of nomcom2015's Mailing List

Noah noah at
Sun Jun 7 06:36:38 UTC 2015

On 7 Jun 2015 08:11, "Sunday Folayan" <sunday.folayan at> wrote:
> On 07/06/2015 06:40, Noah wrote:
> >
> >> I do not know which copy of the archive has been privately circulated
> > the community, and I do not expect to discover that.
> >
> > That is why i adviced the board chair Sunday to next time be clear
> > than reporting things to the community  without concrete evidence else
> > sends a wrong message.
> I thought it was more reasonable to notify the community instead of
> waiting for concrete evidence which may then be misconstrued as 1.
> concealment or 2. Living in denial.

You know someone once told the world there were WMD in some country. It was
attacked and some years after no WMD were ever found but the damage was

The message i have been trying to send without living this seems like some
small issue is that....

"Privacy breach of nomcom2015's Mailing List"


"Configuration error which could lead to access of a private maillist"

Are two different things.....

> From: ...
> ... I understand that the acceptable standard is "immediately".
> In this case, 1. The Chair made a responsible statement, 2. the
> community got the right message, 3. The CEO is right on top of the
> issue, 4. The AGMM discussed and closed the case.

I rest my case.....

> Cheers.
> Sunday.


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