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[AfriNIC-rpd] Policy Development Process in the AfriNIC service region (draft version 4)

sm+afrinic at sm+afrinic at
Thu May 27 22:37:38 UTC 2010

Hi McTim,
At 13:07 27-05-10, McTim wrote:
>Can you post the latest version, am afraid I've "lost the plot" a bit
>on this one.

The subject line was wrong.  It should have said Version 4.  The 
latest version is at  The 
version I submitted is at

  At the moment, I don't recall which version you were 
following.  The changes (see the list version) may help give you 
catch up.  I suggest reading the entire proposal as the changes may 
not be understood without the context.

>In general though, I encourage you to carry on with this proposal, as

Thanks, it's unlikely that I will drop the proposal.  I haven't 
worked on the presentation yet due to lack of time.

>I am not convinced that the last revision to our PDP was the best
>revision possible.  I think it gives the PDP-MG too large a role in
>the process.

The current PDP isn't bad.  It's workable if there is a strong 
community to counter-balance the PDP-MG.  Don't read the proposal as 
minimizing the responsibilities of the Chair(s).  The main problem in 
the last revision is the:

   "Note: Consensus is defined as general agreement in the group.
    It will be the onus of the MG co-chairs to determine whether
    there is consensus or not."

I'll quote some text from the RIPE PDP:

   "There are a number of points in the PDP at which disputes could
    arise. The PDP is designed so that compromises can be made and
    genuine consensus achieved."

That draws a better picture of how to come to an agreement (used 
loosely) instead of having consensus as "general agreement".  Reading 
the last revision literally, the PDP-MG does have a large role and 
that can have a negative impact on the process.

S. Moonesamy

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