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community - Re: [AfriNIC-rpd] About AFPUB-2010-GEN-001

sm+afrinic at sm+afrinic at
Thu Apr 8 10:05:52 UTC 2010

At 00:40 08-04-10, Dr Paulos Nyirenda wrote:
>Clearly there is an important issue with using the word "comunity" 
>in the PDP. I would
>like to recommend that in any future revisions of the PDP inlcuding 
>the current attempts
>to re-develop the PDP, the word "community" should be qualified at 
>every instance so that
>it is clear what is being refered to.

McTim added "anyone" to the list ( ).

In the existing PDP, Vincent used "members of the community" in 
Section 2.1.  According to the terms of reference that would be 
"AfriNIC community".  Section 2.2 uses "member of the community" for 
proposals.  Section 2.3 mentions that this mailing list is "open to 
anyone from the community".  Section 2.5 uses "before the community 
endorses or rejects" for the face to face meeting.  That would be 
AfriNIC community.

Section 3 of the current proposal uses "Internet community".  Note 
that in Section 3.1, there is "anyone may participate" and "no 
qualifications for participation".  There are two more instances of 
"community" in that section.

Section 4 is about choosing the chair during a face to face meeting 
and "community" is used.

Section 5.1 is about reviewing a proposal and it uses "make the 
necessary changes to the draft policy according to the feedback 
received from the community".

"AfriNIC community" can be used in Section 4.  That is in line with 
the existing PDP and current practice.

As Section 5.1 is about participation, it's easier to remove the 
"from the community" at the end of the sentence.  That shouldn't 
cause any problem as the principles clearly state that "anyone may 

It would be better if Vincent explain the use of "community" in 
Section 2.2 and Section 2.3 of the existing PDP before I attempt to 
qualify the use of the word in Section 3 of the proposal.

S. Moonesamy 

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