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[AfriNIC-rpd] Proposal for Policy Development Process in the AfriNIC service region

Vincent Ngundi vincent at
Thu Mar 25 06:15:49 UTC 2010

 Dear Alain,

Thank you for your comments. However, I suggest that we move our discussions
to the policy proposal by SM.

Please find responses to your queries inline.

>  Who composes the secretariat. The PDP has no provision for a secretariat.

The excerpt below is lifted from the PDP:


The three (3) MG members shall be nominated for a 3-year term. The first for
1 year, the second for 2 years and the third for 3 years.  AfriNIC will
nominate one of it's staff members to the MG."

The policy proposal by SM gives you an opportunity to enhance this if you
think it's inadequate.

>   Generally, the agenda contains:
> • Presentation (by authors) and face-to-face discussions on the current
> policy proposals in line with the PDP;
> • An update of the PDP-MG activities; and,
> • An Open Q&A session (AOB).
> The PDP says nothing about this.  When should  the agenda be published?

That's been the practice but it can be explicitly documented.

>   *2. Chair of the Public Policy Meeting
> *The AfriNIC Public Policy meetings are chaired by the Chair of the PDP-MG
> or one of the other two co-chairs.
> What's about meeting minutes? when should them be published about the
> meeting ?

These are very good observations and can come in handy in discussions on the
policy proposal on the table.

>    *3. PDP-MG Terms of Reference (TOR) and Elections Procedure
> *Please note that the PDP-MG TORs and Elections Procedure were discussed
> during the AfriNIC-8 meeting in Rabat. A copy of the same is available at:
> The PDP does not have a referral to the TOR. So when i read the PDP, i
> don't see what details of what the "to moderate and coordinate the policy
> development process and discussions" means.

The current proposal presents an opportunity to enhance this and other
aspects that may not be well covered.

>   *4. Proposed Way Forward
> *There's no need for a NEW policy proposal.
> Is this a decision?

No, it is a 'proposed way forward'.

>   Instead, improvements should be made on the current PDP. In this regard,
> we recommend that the author of the current policy proposal reviews his
> policy proposal to reflect the same.

>  How  do we  improve the existing PDP other than what the proposal is
> trying to do?

By reviewing the current PDP through a policy proposal that _recognises the
current policy. The author has concurred with this and has already revised
his policy proposal to reflect the same. See below from current policy

It is proposed to _revise the existing policy so that the principles and
procedures are documented."

>   Please note that the current PDP is an improvement of the original PDP.
> ....and if i remember well,  this happened through a new proposal.

Ditto above.


Vincent Ngundi
*Chair, AfriNIC PDP-MG*
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