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Mr. Lu, you can just use your regular email address.

It came to my mind, why on 2017 you didn't request an additional netblock of /10 ? (to continue the sequence)

Was it because the company changed direction like your advisor Owen wrote, before it?

So just for us bird brains (like Ronald wrote) to understand, for approximately 3 years (from the first /12 netblock allocation on 2013 to the last /11 netblock allocation on 2016) - there was an actual use by Cloud Innovation Ltd for 6,291,456 IPv4 addresses according to their initial justification ? so there should be customers and invoices and suppliers for the initial "justified" amount of IPv4 addresses which I'm sure that you can show.

According to older versions of the site of CloudInnovation.org in WayBackMachine, the company, like its name, "provided" cloud services, I wonder which cloud services need 6,291,456 IPv4 addresses, maybe you can please explain it to us all bird brains? or maybe your advisor Owen can explain it?

One last point, the four netblocks were assigned one at each year (starting from 2013), so in order to receive the netblocks after the first /12 in 2013, you needed to show usage of the already allocated very big netblock/s, so you had paying customers for millions of IPv4 addresses ? and then suddenly after 3 years you decided to shift the direction of the company as Owen stated and to lease your resources ? Based on Afrinic policies for receiving non-legacy netblocks allocations after the first one, I'm pretty sure that you can show all the customers and invoices and payments that you showed to Afrinic in order to receive the second /12 in 2014 and the first /11 in 2015 and the second /11 in 2016.

Or, was it, as Owen called it: "specialized connectivity services" with context of "from ten years ago".

Looks to me like a specialized scam.

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