[Community-Discuss] Target large communities (was: Community-Discuss Digest, Vol 252, Issue 1)

sm+afrinic at elandsys.com sm+afrinic at elandsys.com
Sun Jan 21 13:06:43 UTC 2018

Hi Owen, Mohammed,
At 01:45 PM 16-01-2018, Owen DeLong wrote:
>Sources included a variety of wikipedia pages and other google 
>searched locations.
>I'm the first to admit this is not a scientific survey and may have 
>issues with accuracy.

At 07:13 AM 18-01-2018, mohammed at ntc.gov.sd wrote:
>At first, sorry for sending this as an HTML-formatted message.
>The table below represents a number of information sources that seem 
>to be reliable. The source of the information is on the first 
>column, and the table contains the number of the most widely spoken 
>languages in Africa. "N/A" means the language didn't show up on the 
>list, numbers are the order in which the language appears.

Thank you for providing some statistics.  I have not verified the 
statistics to find out whether they are reliable or not.  Christophe 
commented [1] that people who reside in Africa would be aware that 
the numbers can be misleading.  The membership is the closest  sample 
group available.  The feedback [2] which I received from a few 
members is that it would be easier for them if information is also 
available in French.

S. Moonesamy

2. Please do not read that as meaning that I do not take the views of 
the community into consideration.

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