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[rpd] AFRINIC PDWG Co-Chair Selection Candidates Matrix

Sat May 21 20:25:04 UTC 2022

Hi AK,


I didn’t say *all the RIRs* on purpose. RIPE is precisely the exception. I followed all the sessions on-line, so you don’t need to find any session for me.








El 21/5/22, 22:18, "ABDULKARIM OLOYEDE" <oloyede.aa at> escribió:


Dear Mirriam,


 Professor Nasir Faruk is by far the better candidate here. However, you mentioned that your preferred candidate is doing a great job. If indeed this is true and not just a wishful thinking an election would tell us if you are not talking your usual gabbage again.


@ Jodie. I was just reading your mail about resource members nominating in other RIRs. Please be specific about these other RIRs. 


 I just got back from RIPE 84. One of my major take home are that resource members don't do nominations for the Policy  development working group, and the need to make sure that private information are not shared cos they are unnecessary. 

I am still jetlagged but later I  find time to send you some specific RIPE 84 sessions you should watch. I was hoping to see you in Berlin. Hopefully we see in Mauritius next week if you are coming.









On Sat, 21 May 2022, 20:37 Mirriam via RPD, <rpd at> wrote:


Hello Yakmut


Your comments are totally invalid and outside the scope of the ongoing consensus building process as the working group participants engage to select its co-chair.


If I recall, you recently shared inputs to be incorporated into the published criteria, which I believe the Policy Liason team considered. Link below of your post on 29th April.


Do you have any useful comment to the matrix shared and the WG is leaning towards Darwin to continue carrying on with the administrative functions of this PDWG.




On Saturday, May 21, 2022, 07:03:33 PM GMT+3, Daniel I. Yakmut via RPD <rpd at> wrote: 



I will vote that going forward we do not conduct election/Selection for co-chairs in this RIR, heneforth Co-Chairs should just be appointed and work at that until they choose to vacate the position or drop death.

There is no point arguing here.



On 21/05/2022 11:32, Mirriam via RPD wrote:

Dear Emem,


Your petty comments aside. Let us stick to facts. 


Mr. Faruk endorsers in terms of nominator and seconder are not registered contacts as per the matrix.


J. The intended volunteer must be endorsed and/or nominated by a registered contact of an  AFRINIC Resource Member.


Failure to follow basic rules is vote of no confidence.


PDP does not require Professors. The co-chairs role is that of an administrative function and Darwin as co-chair has done this pretty well in the past two PPM as attested by others on the list.





On Saturday, May 21, 2022, 12:48:42 PM GMT+3, Emem William <dwizard65 at> wrote: 



Dear Mirriam, 


The fact that you, Caleb, Jordi and some few others did not like the former co-chair does not mean he was a disaster. Anyway you are entitled to your opinion about him and I leave it at that since your opinion does not translate to money in the bank. At least for a fact and from all indications, I know that @Caleb has always been jealous of his success and would always stop at nothing to pull him down; I cannot be surprised by whatever he says. Caleb, just keep grinding, one day your efforts might pay off. I am sure that if we dig into yours too, we will see some personal interests in it.


To the real issues.

1. The criteria that co-chairs should be nominated by a resource member was disagreed to in here, therefore it cannot be used. 


2. Policy liaison needs to tell us who the nominators of his forms are and they verified that they are not admin contact of resource members. Below is the message I got from the person who did the nomination word for word:

" Don't mind Afrinic staff, they are acting as 3rd force here. The two nominees are resource members; the 1st was by Econet SA and the Second nominee was clearly Unilorin. Both are resource members. They just need to do their homework properly. They were asking for personal information in the forms. Afrinic staff just need to do their homework properly. We do not deal with that on the mailing list."


This, I believe, is not only written in simple English but is also self explanatory.




On Fri, 20 May 2022 at 22:12, Mirriam <mirriamlauren at> wrote:

Hello Emem and PDWG


Going by criteria J.


J. The intended volunteer must be endorsed and/or nominated by a registered contact of an  AFRINIC Resource Member.


Your dear Mr.Faruk nominators and seconders don't even exist as per the matrix. 



Just to note that the PDP does not need such academic qualification. You remember we had one of the recent past co-chairs who is a Dr. PhD. The PDP turned out to be a complete total disaster for the PDWG participants.


The PDP is not about being an academic Dr. or Prof with PhDs. The PDP is about understanding how to gauge consensus and how to follow the PDP as a co-chair and this does not need what you are talking about Mr.Faruk as his academic qualifications are outside the scope of the PDP.


I have been attending the past two PPM where Darwin has been cochair and I am confident like many other participants in his ability.


I will go with Darwin based on real data and his performance.



Seems like Titles are a thing now, please allow me.



Daughter of the Nile

The Nubian Queen

The Last of the Dora Milage Warriors


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On Fri, May 20, 2022 at 5:59 PM, Emem William

<dwizard65 at> wrote:

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