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[rpd] Summary of Proposal AFRINIC Number Resources Transfer Policy AFPUB-2020-GEN-006-DRAFT02

Thu Jan 6 14:09:15 UTC 2022

Hi Sander,

Is not a matter of scaring anyone, but being fair, clear an honest with a global Internet Community, not just a small part of it.

The main point is still that the major donor of addresses is ARIN. Because this policy is not reciprocal from ARIN, several things will happen:
1) There will not flow addresses from ARIN to AFRINIC.
2) There will be an increase flow of addresses from the other 3 RIRs to AFRINIC.
3) There may be an increase of transfers from ARIN to AFRINIC by a "mediator" other RIR, to bypass the ARIN lack of reciprocity.

This clearly create a distortion of the actual situation. ARIN can take measures in the sense of having a wait time of several years, or expressly forbidding somehow their addresses to be transferred to AFRINIC. But also, all the other 3 RIRs can (and in my opinion they should) take measures to avoid that distortion.

Turning a natural free flow "in all directions" to "in all directions except outgoing from AFRINIC for most of the addresses" is really unfair.

Yes, each RIR have written their policies considering specific intentions, but none of them has done that assuming that there will be an unfair RIR. It is not acceptable, and all the other RIRs really must react to that.

Again, is not willing to scare anyone, is just being very transparent and honest.


El 6/1/22 14:57, "Sander Steffann" <sander at> escribió:

    Hi Jordi,

    > That’s my point: When in other RIRs their realize that resources can go only RIR->AFRINIC direction and not reversed, do you think they will not change the policies to avoid that?

    No, I think all the RIR communities have written their policies the way they are intentionally. I really don't like the way to try to scare the AFRINIC community into changing their policies. If other RIRs do change their policies because of this AFRINIC policy (which I highly doubt) then AFRINIC can decide what to do at that point.

    Scare tactics are very inappropriate and show lack of respect for the African community. Please don't do that.


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