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[rpd] Fwd: PDWG Co-Chairs Recall Request

Timothy Ola Akinfenwa akin.akinfenwa at
Thu Jul 29 21:26:16 UTC 2021

+1 Fernando
Table set, popcorn grabbed, lights out and the movie just entered another
One thing though, its sad how these same set of people actually think they
have and know the minds of everyone to want to play chess with it. Time
will surely tell!

AFRINIC will come out of this stronger too


On Thu, Jul 29, 2021 at 8:50 PM Fernando Frediani <fhfrediani at>

> For quiet a while in PDWG we have pretty much the *same group of people*

> who have been trying hard to force a couple of things into PDWG and AfriNic

> and which fortunately have been failing on all of them. This is becoming

> every day more evident and as much they get turned down on their tentative

> they keep trying in a loophole hoping that at some point they will hit

> something, but fortunately they keep failing on ALL their tentatives.


> Their way to do things are pretty much static and the very same people

> repeat the same stuff over and over and over again and there are occasions

> where it seems the messages were all drafted by the same person. It is too

> naive from some of them to believe there are much community members who

> don't notice this. Below a list of the stuff this same group tried and it

> shows the links between some of these episodes and the type of controversy

> or even wrong things they keep trying for:


> - Tried as much as they could to force the pass of the Inter-RIR transfer

> by all means, one of the most important proposals of the existence of

> AfriNic and which can change A LOT for the RIR.

> - Supported the insertion of stuff never discussed in the PDWG at the very

> last minute as "editorial change" to make legacy resources to remain

> legacy, which only benefits those who profit from these business

> - Tried everything to keep the disastrous ex Co-chairs that were doing a

> pretty bad job plus having conflicts with community which were fortunately

> recalled later on.

> - Opposed as much as they could from new Chairs elections although they

> have tried to put their own candidates on that same selection process (some

> of them with controvert nomination process by member).

> - Not satisfied with not being able to have someone from their group as

> Co-Chairs started to disrupt the PDWG and only recognizing Co-Chair rules

> when is convenient.

> - Tried to fight hardly against proposals that seem to be concerning to

> certain type of business they seem to support.

> - The very same people supported the same appeal to all proposals,

> repeating the very same arguments and almost similar emails written and

> repeated over and over.

> - Have sent appeals that have problems in complying with the CPM trying at

> all costs to stop all possible proposals to carry on their natural path. A

> pure dissatisfaction.

> - Keep supporting stuff like the usage of African Internet resources out

> of the region in the contrary direction of development of African region

> and the "right" of a member to take away resources out of the rules


> And now this unreasonable recall request just adds up to the list about

> show the same static moment.


> Honestly, if they have any believe of what they are doing is not being

> noticed by most PDWG participants then they might keep trying because they

> feel they are taking seriously.

> No wonder every time they are faced with someone disputing their argument

> they automatically invoke the 'right of freedom' to keep saying the same

> repeating stuff.


> Fernando

> Em 28/07/2021 18:50, Lamiaa Chnayti escreveu:


> Dear community,


> I have recently sent a request to the Afrinic Board of Directors to recall

> the PDWG co-chairs, based on their recent actions on both the last policy

> meeting and the RPD list, that have proven their inability to effectively

> perform their duties to comply with the process and address the concerns

> expressed on certain policies.

> For the community's information, I have forwarded below my email to the

> board, along with their response acknowledging the recall request, which

> will be discussed at the board's meeting on August 18th.

> Also, please find attached the PDF document outlining the recall request's

> detailed arguments and justifications.

> Best regards,

> Lamiaa


> Forwarded Conversation

> Subject: PDWG Co-Chairs Recall Request

> ------------------------


> From: Lamiaa Chnayti <lamiaachnayti at>

> Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2021 at 11:46

> To: Eddy Kayihura <eddy at>, <board at>



> Dear Afrinic Board of Directors,



> I am writing this email on behalf of myself and other community members, enlisted on the attached document, to request the recall of the current PDWG co-chairs. Their recent actions on both the last policy meeting and the RPD list have proved their inability to effectively perform their duties to comply with the process and address the concerns expressed on certain policies.

> Therefore, in order to reinstate the stability of the process of the PDWG, we find it necessary to request the recall of the current co-chairs and replace them.

> Please find attached the document outlining the appropriate justifications and supporting arguments of our demand.



> Best regards,


> Lamiaa




> ----------

> From: <chair at>

> Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2021 at 12:20

> To: Lamiaa Chnayti <lamiaachnayti at>

> Cc: <board at>



> Dear Ms Chnayti,


> The Board received a request from you to recall the PDWG

> co-Chairs. The matter will be on the Board agenda at the meeting

> scheduled for 18 August.


> I will inform the PDWG co-Chairs about your request as a matter of

> fairness.


> Regards,

> S. Moonesamy


> Board Chair, AFRINIC





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