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[rpd] Last Call - RPKI ROAs for Unallocated and Unassigned AFRINIC Address Space AFPUB-2019-GEN-006-DRAFT03.

Sun Jul 25 12:37:26 UTC 2021


There is today an internal procedure for resource reclamation.

The community can either, work with the staff (may be via an specific WG) in improving that procedure or even better, make it via a policy proposal.

This way, we can be sure that the de-registration process and all the associated "issues" (whois, IRR, ROAs, AS0 ROAs, etc.) follow the patch as decided by the community, instead of leaving that in the complete decision of AFRINIC.

If we believe that instead of 3 months before cleaning up in case of reclamation, should be, for example:
- 3 months of warning to resolve any issues
- 3 months, if no resolution, of publication of what resources will be recalled
- 1 month after, removal of reverse DNS
- 1 month after, removal of whois, etc.
- 1 months after, publication of those resources in the AS0 ROA.

But all that need to be independent of this proposal, because is affecting many other aspects of a reclamation process, it will be making no-sense to duplicate it in several places of the CPM.

And there is already some work on that direction:

We plan, actually, to send a new version *soon*, so inputs on that are welcome! Change the subject please!


El 24/7/21 18:04, "Nishal Goburdhan" <nishal at> escribió:

On 24 Jul 2021, at 14:48, Ben Maddison via RPD wrote:

> If you are asking about the process for issuing AS0 ROAs for reclaimed
> resources (or previously allocated resources in general), I believe
> the
> only safe answer is "once consent has been given by the previous
> holder".

that’s *a* safe answer, but certainly not the *only* answer. and
rather than point to many cases where this is not the the only safe
answer, i’ll point instead to a suggestion that was made earlier :
draw up a solid operating practice for when/how this can/should be
applied. part of that operating policy would likely include something
like: “if the claim to the address space is being contested in a
court of law, then no changes should be made to IRR/ROAs..” (that of
course, needs to be cleaned up, to be made mode appropriate!)

and so, in a case like we are seeing unfold, a “no change” to the
state of CI’s ROAs / IRR objects should be the process that’s
followed, until there’s an answer from the court. frankly, i’m
unsure why anyone would think different about this? if the court’s
eventual ruling is in favour of afrinic, then, regardless of whether, or
not CI gives their “consent”, afrinic can act to reclaim the space
(and follow the relevant associated behaviour). if the court rules in
favour of CI, well,..this discussion is moot ..

there’s precedent for this; when we authored the lame delegation
policy we wrote an operating guide for what we thought would amount to a
safe implementation for afrinic to follow. ben/owen/noah, you’re
savvy enough to see the value of AS0 ROAs, and to suggest text for edge
cases (like this). why not offer to help afrinic author that part of
the operating manual, so that we end up with the best of both worlds?
(frankly, i’d see that as a good opportunity to review and comment on
their regular reclamation process too, but .. i can’t speak for what
afrinic might be willing to entertain)


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