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[rpd] More confusion from Noah

Anthony Ubah ubah.tonyiyke at
Mon Jul 5 22:05:32 UTC 2021

Hi Noah,

What you describe sounds nice if you are one of the established ISPs who
are running a top to bottom network. However you can not say the same
for smaller enterprises, too small to be an LIR, and unable to run full
operations profitably, giving inability to afford the RIR/AFRINIC fees. I
feel total reliance on network providers/carriers also limits flexibility,
which goes more along the line of thinking from the ITU, than the spirit of
the Internet, as set by the early pioneers of the Internet.

No textbook analogy. IP leasing can allow the enterprise/organizations
certain flexibility in administration. Like having a single contiguous
range to numbers on all their interfaces and infrastructure either locally
and across the cloud, for better administration and scaling of their
network they need. This way all their IPs are unique and contiguous, and
they can number their offices networks, servers, VPN etc. for easy
So Yes, fully (physical)provider independent. Without the physical
connection to provider being involved, that provider will still be there of
course, but the end user is not forced to number their LAN with that
provider's IP addresses.

On another note, AFRINIC itself would give out such IP addresses as
assignments with the same justifications, These provider-independent
address space (PI) has some limitations in the current CPM. The PIs
assignments are also called "leasing", and well.
AFRINIC as a non profit organisation should not place itself in direct
competition with its members.
Resource owners are restricted from leasing, while the registry can lease
out space as described in the policy, placing AFRINIC in a very awkward

*Best Regards,*


On Mon, Jul 5, 2021 at 9:52 AM Noah <noah at> wrote:


> Hi Daniel,


> On Mon, 5 Jul 2021, 09:58 Murungi Daniel, <dmurungi at> wrote:


>> Dear Noah,


>> Evidence of this is support for bogus self serving transfer policies and

>> the push to directly monetize number resources versus using them as

>> building blocks for innovation and service delivery as intended.



> So the CPM section 3.5 has a mechanism for appealing the worst of

> decisions..... decisions that folks like Paul Hjul claim were WG consensus.

> Please!.


> In fact, AFRINIC staff cautioned resource members on the impact of that

> self serving resource transfer policy proposal which *I know for a fact*,

> that draft policy is heavily backed by IPv4 brokers (rpd archives) and

> their enablers who if anyone has cared to pay attention are defending the

> leasing of IPv4 integers because they can not put an IPv4 integer to proper

> use on a real network infrastructure across Africa. But we have seen

> controversy in the past as per the link [1].


> Folks, sign the AFRINIC RSA so that they can legally do exactly what IPv4

> squatters do illegally and they come out here with their self righteousness

> enablers purporting to advance the African Internet only to go about

> leasing integers for profit outside the region as though IPv4 integers in

> themselves were a product or service.


> If one was to follow up, you would actually realise that these folks don't

> pay any meaningful Tax in Africa (Taxes which contribute to public service

> delivery), don't employ any meaningful number of Africans (employment which

> goes to reduce unemployment), don't own any meaningful internet

> infrastructure (infrastructure that goes to increase internet penetration),

> and don't contribute anything to the Internet ecosystem in Africa nor the

> economic development of Africa from a digital standpoint.


> The responsibility of managing Internet number resources and distributing

> them based on need to resource members is AFRINIC's activity and *not

> that of a dishonest staff member of Afrinic who involves themselves in INR

> misappropriation* nor that of *a resource member who sign the AFRINIC

> RSA, gets INR and go about leasing them without building any meaningful

> Internet infrastructure on continent. *


> Cheers,

> Noah


> [1]



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