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[rpd] More confusion from Noah

Noah noah at
Mon Jul 5 13:49:22 UTC 2021

Hi Daniel,

On Mon, 5 Jul 2021, 09:58 Murungi Daniel, <dmurungi at> wrote:

> Dear Noah,


> Evidence of this is support for bogus self serving transfer policies and

> the push to directly monetize number resources versus using them as

> building blocks for innovation and service delivery as intended.


So the CPM section 3.5 has a mechanism for appealing the worst of
decisions..... decisions that folks like Paul Hjul claim were WG consensus.

In fact, AFRINIC staff cautioned resource members on the impact of that
self serving resource transfer policy proposal which *I know for a fact*,
that draft policy is heavily backed by IPv4 brokers (rpd archives) and
their enablers who if anyone has cared to pay attention are defending the
leasing of IPv4 integers because they can not put an IPv4 integer to proper
use on a real network infrastructure across Africa. But we have seen
controversy in the past as per the link [1].

Folks, sign the AFRINIC RSA so that they can legally do exactly what IPv4
squatters do illegally and they come out here with their self righteousness
enablers purporting to advance the African Internet only to go about
leasing integers for profit outside the region as though IPv4 integers in
themselves were a product or service.

If one was to follow up, you would actually realise that these folks don't
pay any meaningful Tax in Africa (Taxes which contribute to public service
delivery), don't employ any meaningful number of Africans (employment which
goes to reduce unemployment), don't own any meaningful internet
infrastructure (infrastructure that goes to increase internet penetration),
and don't contribute anything to the Internet ecosystem in Africa nor the
economic development of Africa from a digital standpoint.

The responsibility of managing Internet number resources and distributing
them based on need to resource members is AFRINIC's activity and *not that
of a dishonest staff member of Afrinic who involves themselves in INR
misappropriation* nor that of *a resource member who sign the AFRINIC RSA,
gets INR and go about leasing them without building any meaningful Internet
infrastructure on continent. *


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