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[rpd] RPD Digest, Vol 178, Issue 19

Noah noah at
Sun Jul 4 07:00:32 UTC 2021

On Sat, 3 Jul 2021, 17:50 Paul Hjul, <hjul.paul at> wrote:

> I am not exactly sure how you anticipate the Internet to work if address

> space isn't leased to the controller of an end point.


> The last time I checked DHCP is entirely built around leasing - the

> allocation of a resource for a definite period of time. Allocation,

> assignment and leasing all have quite context relevant specific meanings.


> It may help to clearly speak of commercial leasing activity - that is the

> allocation of a resource by the holder of the resource in exchange for a

> fee as part of commercial activity.


The constitution (Bylaws) states the objectives clearly on what is expected
from resource members.

The regulation (CPM) then empowers the organisation to carry out
allocations and assignments as guided by the constitution.

The agreement (RSA) enforces the constitution and the regulations.

PS: DHCP is an open system protocol that enables network services. Network
services require infrastructure. The leasing is then done on some
infrastructure with the end goal of providing connectivity services based
on need/request of each host.

The Bylaws talk about the above scenario of allocating integers to support
development of open systems protocol network services.

It doesn't talk about commercialisation of integers. Nor does the CPM.

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