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[rpd] [Community-Discuss] Unaddressed queries by AFRINIC during AGMM

Sylvain Baya abscoco at
Tue Jun 29 17:12:42 UTC 2021

Dear PDWG,

Le mar. 29 juin 2021 12:17 PM, Mike Silber <silber.mike at> a écrit :

> Hi Sylvain



Hi Mike,
Thanks for reacting brother :-)

> On 29 Jun 2021, at 12:23, Sylvain Baya <abscoco at> wrote:


> Dear PDWG,


> Le mar. 29 juin 2021 8:30 AM, Owen DeLong <owen at> a écrit :


>> [...]



>> This is a misunderstanding of what a global policy is and how the global

>> policy process works.




> [...]


> We should first agree that the problem you want to fix is certainly not a

> regional problem. Why try to fix it within RIR•s?


> If I understand your proposal correctly,


Hey brother, it's just part of a practical
explanation of what i meant in
suggesting to move the solution where
the problem seems to be rooted.

you are suggesting that certain entities would be able to obtain resources

> directly from the IANA? Does this not make either the IANA or the recipient

> a type of non-regional-RIR? In which case it would need to follow the

> process outlined in ICP-2.

> know, that might be part of the implementation aspects. It's not
necessary to have it as part that kind of draft! but following your
reflection on that
point, yes i can say that it keeps the door
open to an implementation on which we
could end up with one GIR (Global
Internet Registry). Other possibilities exist
...the Internet Numbers Registry System
allows them; but, again i see it as an
implementation issue for this kind of
global DPP's idea. fact, some of the criteria of ICP-2 [*]
are not applicable to a GIR as mentioned.
If ratified, as a global policy, a global DPP
with a similar spirit will be implemented.
How? the implementer shall decide... :-)
[*]: ICANN, "ICP-2: Criteria for Establishment of New Regional

Internet Registries", July 2001,

> This is an interesting edge case, as it would involve the IANA and

> potentially involve the RIRs in endorsing the rules

> the actual global PDP states :-)

…. so could conceivably be shoehorned under the rubric of a global policy.

> know, that is not my primary
interest, i just wanted to point that:
global issues should be traithed globally. If the problem is to offer
better means to
orgs like CDNs or DDOS firewalls...then
it could be simpler to follow the global PDP.

> I would need to see a fleshed out proposal with a lot more detail before I

> express an opinion, however I do agree that my initial knee-jerk reaction

> that this is not global policy may not have been correct.


Owen, are you ready now? brother you
are the one who enlightened that global

> I am also not sure that such a proposal would pass a sanity check under

> ICP-2 or the ASO MoU with ICANN, but happy to comment once there is more

> detail provided.


...if processed, it should have to simply
follow the global PDP ;-)

> Needless to say, I think the prospects of such a proposal becoming global

> policy are slim to none, but not bad as a thought experiment.


...if you elaborate on the exact barriers
you expect it could encounter, then i will
be glad to share my thougths about.


> Mike





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