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[rpd] [Community-Discuss] Unaddressed queries by AFRINIC during AGMM

Sylvain Baya abscoco at
Tue Jun 29 10:23:26 UTC 2021

Dear PDWG,

Le mar. 29 juin 2021 8:30 AM, Owen DeLong <owen at> a écrit :

> 3. (not so simple) An organization which has multiple headquarters in

>> multiple countries around the world and which has a significant global

>> network

>> infrastructure.




> sounds as this interesting usecase

> requires a *global* policy [1]...i don't

> figure well a *regional* RIR fit to offer

> that kind of *global* service...i might be wrong

> though :-/ but still open to learn, fortunately.

> __

> [1]: <>



> This is a misunderstanding of what a global policy is and how the global

> policy process works.


Hi Owen,

Thanks for your kick response brother :-)

...i appreciate that you took time to
explain these *simple* things i started to
better understand, by carefully reading
existing historical materials, few months ago :-)

You know, i'm still learning brother ;-)
so, don't care to teach me :-)

...but, it appears that you failed to get my
point here (please don't get me wrong again):

my suggestion was not to propose a global policy, which could fix a global
problem in imposing rules for RIRs to apply...i was sure you will
understand it, as you understand how the global policy development process

We should first agree that the problem you want to fix is certainly not a
regional problem. Why try to fix it within RIR•s?

...again, the simplest, not easiest, way is to submit a global policy. To
help a bit, you can start with the example below:

**Global DPP Title : Number Resources for Global Uses**

# Description of the identified problem

# Description of the proposed solution

# Proposed Text to become a new Policy

An organisation which provides global Internet services and which have
network operations within at least four of the existing RIR's service
regions (ie: in practice it has already signed RSA of at least four of the
actual RIRs) and they own the regional physical infratructure they operate
on, can submit a request to IANA for number resources for this purpose.
IANA staff shall collaborate with the RIRs through The NRO, in order to
take an informed decision, when they receive a request. The number
resources must be distributed to replace existing number resources they
obtained from RIRs. When an org receives an allocation directly from IANA,
it must back to the RIRs all the ressources wich becomes obsoletes for its
(global) usecase.

# References

...yes! IPv4 is exhausted right now, at
IANA, but IPv6 is still least.
Most of problems from IPv4 world are ported...hey! maybe this is when some
can start to question the interest of continuing to reserve some

> Global policies don’t govern how RIRs issue address space. Global policies

> govern how the IANA interacts with RIRs and how

> resources are issued to RIRs from the global free pool (and/or how RIRs

> can return them to IANA). An example of a global

> policy would be the last 5 /8s issued 1 to each RIR.


...or also directly to orgs able to conduct real global Internet operations.

Please see here <>:

Regional IRs
In cases where LIRs span multiple regions, those LIRs have
established relationships with multiple RIRs.

Hope this clarify something, brother!


> [...]


> Thanks for your comments,


> Owen




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