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[rpd] Updates and Code of Conduct

Fernando Frediani fhfrediani at
Fri Apr 16 15:31:42 UTC 2021

Hello Eddy

It is admirable the clarity and politeness of your messages. I believe
most people trust you are doing everything you are doing during these
difficult times for PDWG in good faith to get things back on track again.

However I cannot be silent about the growing number of questionable
attitudes the Board has been taking in the believe they have the power
to sort out all these matters. If they are receiving exotic legal
counseling from a single person and taking it as absolute truth just
because the person is a "licensed person to do that job" and this only
worse the view many are having about the Board intentions towards PDWG.

How come the Board believe they can regulate this via the ToR ? This is
a question for the PDWG to adjust the CPM and make it more clear, but
not the Board.
All Board can do is to interpret the CPM about the provisions for the
Appeal Committee, and if they said already that in their interpretation
is that Committee can only work with all 5 members then the only thing
that remains for them to do is to select 2 new people to fill the vacant
positions. But they cannot not create new rules for it. That must be
done exclusively by PDWG under the due process amending the CPM where
What if soon PDWG chooses to change the CPM and that conflicts with what
is in the ToR ? What will worth more ?

I urge the Board members to stop doing questionable actions like this
and perhaps review the person who is giving these legal counseling or
get someonelese's view on such difficult and complex subjects in order
to let PDWG do its mission.


On 15/04/2021 12:10, Eddy Kayihura wrote:


> Dear Colleagues,


> I would like to make a few announcements and share a perspective on

> what we,at AFRINIC,have been observing for some time.


> 1. The onboarding of the Co-chairs has started and is progressing

> well. It is planned to conclude mid next week and please expect a

> communication from them late next week.

> 2. The Board passed a resolution yesterday to address the Appeal

> Committee ToR challenge and let the committee to operate with the

> three remaining members. (Resolution 202104.606)

> <>


> It is with deep concern that I read the email from Dr Abdulkarim

> Oloyede including a personal attack on the honesty and integrity of

> our Policy Liaison colleagues and I believe an apology is in order.


> The 8th point of the Code of Conduct (VIII. Act in the best interests

> of the AFRINIC community at all times.) has generally been overlooked

> and that I wish to emphasize it with an illustrative fictive story.


> Three friends have invested together into a restaurantbusiness. They

> hired a manager, who recruited a team to provide services in the new

> restaurant that is successful very quickly. After some time, one of

> the shareholders who often eats at the restaurant starts throwing food

> on the floor, breaking windows and glasses at times and eventually

> slaps an employee.


> I guess that I do not need to go further in my story and you

> understand what I am picturing here. We, at AFRINIC, are dedicated to

> serve you with the utmost excellence, passion and integrity.


> As much as AFRINIC is a community-driven organization with openness

> principles and bottom-up processes, for a smooth running of our

> proceedings we all ought to abide by a basic code of conduct which is

> currently being reviewed

> <>and

> your contributions are welcome.


> We are all human and may err at times and I would like to remind you

> that justified complaints about staff or even myself can either be

> channelled through ceo at <mailto:ceo at>or through

> the whistleblower portal at:

> <>. The Board has visibility on

> the report about tickets raised through the external whistleblower system.


> We have observed lately different levels of breach of code of conduct

> on the rpd list and remained silent for the sake of solving the

> unprecedented situation in which we found ourselves. However, this one

> is too loud for us to ignore it.


> For sanity’s sake, I call upon the Co-chairs to deal with the Code of

> Conduct matter with the seriousness it requires.


> Regards,


> Eddy Kayihura




>  ……………………………………………….


> Chers collègues,


> J'aimerais faire quelques annonces et partager une perspective sur ce

> que nous observons sur la liste RPD depuis un certain temps.


> 1. L'intégration des coprésidents a commencé et progresse bien. Il

> est prévu qu'il se termine au milieu de la semaine prochaine et

> nous attendons une communication de leur part à la fin de la

> semaine prochaine.

> 2. Le conseil d'administration a adopté hier une résolution visant à

> ce que le comité d'appel fonctionne avec les trois membres

> restants. (Resolution 202104.606)

> <>


> C'est avec une profonde préoccupation que j'ai lu le courriel du Dr

> Abdulkarim Oloyede, qui contenait une attaque personnelle contre

> l'honnêteté et l'intégrité de nos collègues du Policy Liaison team.Je

> pense que ce mail requiet des excuses de sa part.


> Le huitième point du Code de conduite (VIII. Act in the best interests

> of the AFRINIC community at all times) a généralement été négligé et

> je souhaite l'illustrer à travers une histoire fictive.


> Trois amis ont investi ensemble dans un restaurant. Ils ont engagé un

> manager, qui a recruté une équipe pour fournir des services dans le

> nouveau restaurant qui connaît un succès très rapide. Au bout d'un

> certain temps, l'un des actionnaires, qui mange souvent au restaurant,

> commence à jeter de la nourriture par terre, à briser parfois des

> vitres et des verres et finit par gifler un employé.


> Je suppose que je n'ai pas besoin d'aller plus loin dans mon histoire

> et que vous comprenez mon dessin. A AFRINIC, nous sommes engagés à

> vous servir avec excellence, passion et intégrité.


> Bien qu’AFRINIC soit une organisation à caractère communautaire, avec

> des principes d'openness et des processus ascendants, pour le bon

> déroulement de nos activités, nous devrions tous nous conformer à un

> code de conduite de base qui est actuellement en cours de révision

> <>et

> vos contributions sont les bienvenues.


> Nous sommes tous humains et nous pouvons parfois commettre des

> erreurs. Je tiens à vous rappeler que les plaintes justifiées à

> l'encontre du personnel ou même de moi-même peuvent être transmises à

> ceo at <mailto:ceo at> ou au travers du   portail

> whistleblower à l'adresse suivante :


> <>. Le conseil d'administration

> a une visibilité sur le rapport concernant les tickets soulevés par le

> système de dénonciation externe.


> Nous avons observé dernièrement différents niveaux de violation du

> code de conduite sur la liste des RPD et nous avons gardé le silence

> afin de résoudre la situation sans précédent dans laquelle nous nous

> trouvions. Cependant, celle-ci crie trop fort pour que nous puissions

> l'ignorer.


> En toute conscience, je demande aux co-présidents de traiter la

> question du code de conduite avec le sérieux qu'elle requiert.


> Cordialement,


> Eddy Kayihura


> Directeur Général d'AFRINIC



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