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[rpd] Report from Recall Committee

Owen DeLong owen at
Mon Feb 22 23:02:57 UTC 2021

> On Feb 19, 2021, at 16:21 , Arnaud AMELINA <amelnaud at> wrote:




>> Silent your opposition? Never, but as said above, you are just one voice which counts like others, and you should allow and encourage others, especially those who live or are operating in this region to also speak and live with the outcome.


> While I don’t live in the region, I do have involvement in operations in the region, so your above statement is yet another example of how you’ve gotten it wrong about me.


> Why are you personalizing this? And again missing important points made.

You made it personal… “You should allow…others…especially those who live or are operating in this region…”

I reacted directly. You have repeatedly engaged in ad hominem attacks on me and on my participation here.

You left out my important points from that message in your quote as well.

> While The PDP and its discussions on rpd and at meetings are open to all interested parties , There are things like appointing cochairs or being cochairs which have always been reserved for people living in the regions or operating in the region. Operating in the region is demonstrated by being a PoC of Afrinic member.

Being chair is reserved for people living in the region. Appointing them is specifically open to everyone in attendance at the applicable PDWG meeting.

Operating in the region cannot possibly be limited to being a PoC of an AFRINIC member. It’s an absurd misclassification. Are you claiming that the peering coordinator for an ISP who is not their IP administrator and therefore not on the POC list would not be someone considered to be operating in the region? That is absurd.

> If you qualify there is no endless discussions to have. Let the system operate.

Well, I do not qualify by your proposed criteria, but then neither do more than half of the people operating networks in the region.

You continue to seek ways in which you can legitimize your efforts to reduce or eliminate my participation in the process, and you continue to fail.

If you don’t wish to continue this “endless discussion”, then all you need to do is admit that my participation is legitimate and stop acting like I should be some second-class presence in the community.


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