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[rpd] Resignation of Policy Development Appeal Committee member

Anthony Ubah ubah.tonyiyke at
Tue Feb 16 18:00:20 UTC 2021

Hello Jaco,

I completely agree with you. I think we should be gravely worried.
I'm no expert, but it is appropriate to investigate these occurrences.

The unfair criticism and aggressive behavior of community members towards
volunteers are uncalled for, and calls to question the mentality of these
volunteers in discharging their duties moving forward.

There is a need to review the conduct of community members towards members
who have volunteered in good faith.

I have spoken about the misconduct from members of this community towards
voluntary officials in countless comments in the RPD.

One of such is my response to you in "REQUEST TO RECALL THE AFRINIC PDWG
CO-CHAIRS", on Nov 17, 2020


> Hello Jaco

> I will have to agree with Daniel.

> It is sad to note that these Co-Chairs have been stretched, dragged, and

> bullied by members of the community since I can remember. with respect to

> the policies being discussed, the co-chairs who were elected by the

> community were pushed by voices in the community to take action. Reaction

> to actions taken will always be relative and comes with divided views as

> before actions were taken.

> They have worked under immense pressure to man such a difficult community

> as ours, and have endured tsunamis of pressure from different matters

> arising, members and perhaps interest groups clamoring for their biddings

> to be done against that of other members. What will the replacement do

> differently?

> Chairing a community like this at this time has proven to be very complex.

> A call for their removal is unwarranted. People must learn to agree to

> disagree sometimes for calm and order to ensure, or perhaps follow due

> process and exercise patience for the process to run it’s course naturally.

> I will also say this call it is in bad taste, and may cause a fracture in

> an already battered structure.

> I ran for and lost the race for one of the then-available seats in

> Kampala, there I spoke about the hostility, intimidations, and bullying

> which I felt and still feel is resident in the community, prompting me to

> run. I stated clearly that these factors are responsible for discouraging

> younger generations from actively participating and bringing in fresh ideas

> into the community. Today, I dared not declare interest in running for a

> seat in this capacity at Afrinic again because of these persistent

> happenings...But I digress

> This call may set bad precedence within the community and It should be

> rejected this time. ........

Another such comment is on the thread "Re: Community Feeback" on Dec 2,

I wrote;

" +1

> From my understanding, the co-chair role is a voluntary role, and a very

> tasking one at it. The truck loads of pressure and opposition is really

> alarming and this makes the role very difficult and unattractive for the

> next sets of volunteers.

> There should be respect and decorum in dealing with, and most especially

> opposing them. Since it is unrealistic to please everyone, patience and

> understanding is key from us all in the community too.


> Like Daniel Yakmut has said, if it is difficult to cope with the human

> nature of the elected co-chairs, perhaps we should seek an auto regulating

> model, and run on some sort of poll opinions. That way charts and numbers

> will settle differences and no one can have reasons to be disgruntled.

> ..........."

We must explore new ways to protect these volunteers and their mental

Best Regards,


*Best Regards,*


On Tue, Feb 16, 2021 at 3:19 PM Jaco Kroon <jaco at> wrote:

> Hi SM,


> This is the second resignation from the AC in less than a week.


> Should we be worried?


> Kind Regards,

> Jaco



> On 2021/02/16 15:34, chair at wrote:


> > Dear Policy Development Working Group,

> >

> > Ms Wafa Dahmani informed the AFRINIC Board of Directors of her

> > resignation from the Policy Development Appeal Committee member with

> > immediate effect. The Board would like to thank Ms Dahmani for her

> > work on the Policy Development Appeal Committee.

> >

> > Regards,

> > S. Moonesamy

> >

> > Board Chair, AFRINIC

> >

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