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[rpd] Fwd: New Policy Proposal Received - "IPv4 Inter-RIR Legacy Resource Transfers (Comprehensive Scope) AFPUB-2019-v4-002-DRAFT01"

Daniel Shaw daniel at
Mon Aug 19 11:33:54 UTC 2019

Hi Jordi, all,

On Mon, 19 Aug 2019 at 08:49, JORDI PALET MARTINEZ via RPD
<rpd at> wrote:

> In short. I'm waiting for the staff impact analysis (Ernest any news ?). Once we got that, in addition to resolving any issues discovered by the staff, I will add a "security belt" to the existing text, in the line of:


> 1. Each time a transfer is completed, the relevant, non-confidential information will be automatically published in a specific web page, including at least: Date of the transfer, transferred addresses, source organization and RIR, destination organization and RIR.


In regards specifically in regards to point 1. above (regardless
whether I or anyone support the policy or not, and regardless whether
it goes ahead), this is already in place and being done.

Exactly the information you specify is already being published for all
intra-RIR transfers between organisations, which does have a policy
already. Of course in all these cases, the recipient and source RIR
are always "AFRINIC", but the logging format includes this, and so
allows for inter-RIR should that ever come to pass.

This information is not in a web site, but in the following json
format log file:

You'll find this mentioned section 1.6 of the current web page on
Resource Transfers (in regards to intra-RIR), which is here: - this same section does
also say these would be listed on the web site too already, but I
don't find where. Nevertheless, the log remains the definitive source
of data here.

The format of the log file, what information it includes, is not
explicitly stated by AFRINIC, but I can tell you it follows the same
specification as ARIN

I hope this of interest :)

Daniel S.

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