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[rpd] Fwd: [arin-ppml] Micfo

Lee Howard lee.howard at
Thu May 16 16:08:23 UTC 2019

On 5/16/19 9:51 AM, Benjamin Ledoh wrote:
> Hi Proponents of Review Policy,
> It seems to me that the opponents of the review have trapped you with 
> the FAKE ISSUE OF THE USERS being disconnected and you are following 
> them. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!
> Are we suggesting that for the sake of the users, AFRINIC community 
> should allow the crooks to keep the resources acquired fraudulently 
> from AFRINIC?
I don't think anyone said that or wants that. If I am mistaken, would 
you point to the message where somebody said that?

Doesn't the RSA already allow Afrinic to reclaim addresses acquired 

It sounds like at least one author/proponent agreed that a minor change 
to the language would make it clearer that any address space in use 
would not be reclaimed. As written, even if an application for addresses 
had said they would be used for a data center, but instead they were 
used for connecting users, the address holder would simply have to show 
how they were actually being used.

> How long does it take to switch to another IPS when one goes down?
It probably depends on the country, and even the local area. There are 
lots of places still served by only one ISP, so if it went away, those 
places would be unserved. In other places, it might take weeks.

> Don’t we have in our countries laws to deal with an IPS if he fails to 
> go according to a signed SLA? Let us stop discussion and rather be 
> tough on them.
It probably depends on the country. Even if laws exist, enforcement is 
not consistent.

Is enforcement of the RSA harder?

> These opponents of the review policy think that members of this 
> community have no sense of rationality and therefore want to create 
> haven for the crooks so that they can enjoy here.
I think that's unfair. I believe everyone discussing this proposal on 
this list is doing so in good faith, for what they think is best for the 

> Unfortunately, my few brothers Nigerian on this mailing list are 
> following them just to benefit a sponsorship to AIS of AFRINIC meeting.
Are you saying that you have fellow Nigerians following this list just 
so they can get a free trip to AIS? Or do you mean that your countrymen 
are opposing this proposal because they want a free trip to AIS?

Or do you mean "following them" literally, in a menacing manner?

> Benjiloh

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