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[rpd] Cooperation re PDP update proposal

Komi Elitcha kmw.elitcha at
Fri Feb 22 19:29:55 UTC 2019

HI Jordi,

As discussed at many occasions, participation in PDP at afrinic service 
region is not as bad compared to other regions.

We recently saw some disengagement from frustration caused by several 
abuses of the current PDP.
The PDP is very light with implicit practices, no description of role of 
cochairs nor how proposed policies make progress or how consensus is 
gauge, etc...
No operational rules for the working group which underlies the PDP...

This led to a lot of sterile discussions, lack of progress, personal 
attacks, out of scope discussions, etc..

The PDP-BIS  initiative  is to fix these weaknesses and limitations 
shown by the current PDP, create an operational guideline for the PDP 
Working Group in  order to restore the confidence in the process to all 
participants and make sure people can contribute constructively. More 
people will certainly join as they see the changes.

So, no complexity being added .. only clarity in addressing real issues.

As you appear not to know where we are coming from, your ability to take 
us to the right destination is doubtful.

On 13/02/2019 19:35, JORDI PALET MARTINEZ wrote:
> Hi Dewole, all,
> I've done already this long time ago, but never got a response.
> If you look at the archive of the mailing list, it was done even during the meeting. I explained in the meeting that I will send my own *raw* notes to the list, and I did that. Here is the direct link:
> I'm happy to discuss point by point to get this progressing ahead.
> The main issue is that reading again the proposal after not getting answers before and from the Dakar meeting, I realized that it is way too complex. Is basically trying to copy the RIPE process, which for me, as I said in the meeting, was one of the best ones (I recall it was presented a video where I said that), but once you look into other regions as well, you see that a bad copy is not always a good thing, especially if there is unnecessary complexity, in a region where the participation in the PDP is close to zero.
> We need a very simple process, we need to make simpler the actual one, not more complex and sophisticated. This is one of the ways we can get a participation increase, which is and must be the main goal of a PDP update.
> I'm sure everybody agree on this.
> Regards,
> Jordi
> -----Mensaje original-----
> De: Dewole Ajao <dewole at>
> Fecha: domingo, 10 de febrero de 2019, 21:59
> Para: Komi Elitcha <kmw.elitcha at>, Arnaud AMELINA <amelnaud at>, Honest Ornella GANKPA <honest1989 at>, ALAIN AINA <Alain.Aina at>, <rpd at>
> Asunto: [rpd] Cooperation re PDP update proposal
>      Good day Authors,
>      I trust you are doing well. As agreed during the last public policy
>      meeting, I hope you have given some thought to how contributions on the
>      PDP update proposal can be accepted.
>      Jordi, you had mentioned some areas that you believe need improvement in
>      the current PDP BIS proposal draft - can we start by laying out these
>      areas and seeing which ones can be absorbed into the PDP BIS draft?
>      Authors, would it be possible to group the proposed changes to the PDP
>      in such a way that patches are applied to the areas of concern that
>      reach rough consensus of the PDWG rather than waiting to have agreement
>      on *all* the parts of the proposal? These groups of changes could also
>      be proposed simultaneously as separate proposals at the same time if all
>      parts must be addressed at once.
>      Do note that you are not compelled to do any of the above but this is
>      the co-chairs' attempt to see the process move forward in a manner that
>      would save us months and see us finding rough consensus on all or part
>      of the existing proposal; As per the PDP, the alternatives of
>      maintaining the status quo and/or accepting new proposals on the same
>      subject definitely remain.
>      Please note that the rpd list is in copy so that other members may also
>      volunteer input as this process goes on. Looking forward to reading from
>      you soon.
>      Regards,
>      PDWG Co-Chairs.
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