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[rpd] Declaration of War by Banjamin Ledoh

Andrew Alston Andrew.Alston at
Fri Dec 7 16:31:40 UTC 2018

Oh wow –

I read this thread – and then I started to laugh – and laugh – and laugh – and laugh – so hard my ribs ached.  I am finally in a position to actually type something in response to this.

Now, as I dry my eyes from laughing so hard – I need to start by saying that everything I say below is written by me personally and these words are in no way to be construed as being representative of any organization or person other than the author himself.

See – what was so funny –

Firstly – a few years ago – the accusations came along these lines for me as well – they were found to be false by a unanimous published board resolution.

Now – when people lose – they resort to the same tried and failed tactics.  But, since people wanted to have this conversation – I think it’s time we actually have it – and talk openly and honestly.

Let us have a conversation about… the OIF…. And the sponsorship year on and year of individuals from one specific demongraphic group.
Let us have a conversation about the Brazzaville meeting – when the OIF sponsored delegated met together in a room, with some pretty prominent members of the community to strategize how to defeat a policy they did not like.
Let us have a conversation about the OIF delegates who walked to the microphone for 3 meetings running holding slips of paper with pre-written objections – and when those delegates were called back and questioned on what they said – showed a patently obvious lack of knowledge about the subject matter – they were reading someone elses words.

Then – once we have finished talking about the OIF – let us talk about the block voting that occurred in Mauritius to defeat the special resolutions proposed to hand the community back power and – and as a result defeated a series of special resolutions meant to enhance the corporate governance – with no reason or basis for the votes – believe me – myself and others were clearly watching as people ticked every box one way without ever reading what was on the ballot.

And then – once we finish talking about this – let us now talk about the rules.

  1.  The same objection from one person or 100 people still counts as one objection – and if sustained under the definition of rough consensus – has equal weight and will cause the consensus decision to fail
  2.  I applaud anyone who is passionate enough about policy to spend huge sums of money to put people in the room to bolster their say – that my friends – is called commitment to the cause – and by the way – is a strategy used in various forms in politics and otherwise since the day the first dictatorship fell
  3.  If it gets people in the room – gets them interested in policy – and gets them motivated to participate – have at it – there is no rule whatsoever to prevent this.  If however, people disagree, I would happily back a policy that required people to declare their sponsors on their badges – and in fact – let’s give every sponsor a different colored badge that is plainly visible – and if we find a participant that was sponsored yet undeclared – we ban that participant and the sponsor from the meetings for life.  Why would I back such a thing?  Because I know that the very people who are creating gmail accounts and are two cowardly to use their real names to make such accusations will stand and oppose any such thing – because any such policy would put an end to their own gravy train.

But Benji – thank you for the laugh – and everyone who is upset with me and can’t get their hands on me – please be reminded that God is not a substitute legal proxy for suing me – I believe that was made clear in Botswana, wasn’t in Benji?


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Dear Benjamin Ledoh
I think you have earned whatever reward that was promised to you to say the mean things you said about Daniel and his sincere efforts to nuture the young ones from Nigeria.

So please ensure you collect your reward in full from your sponsors (name withheld).

Next time I will advice you think twice before sprouting things you neither have the knowledge or understanding for.

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