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[rpd] New Policy Proposal : SL-update (AFPUB-2018-v4-001-DRAFT-01)

Gregoire EHOUMI gregoire.ehoumi at
Wed Nov 28 02:13:03 UTC 2018

Hi Frank,

Thanks for your interest in our proposal that seeks to address the usability conditions of the "unforseen future reserve".

As stated in the problem statement, this proposal intends to solve a situation which may occur if the reserve space is unused after Afrinic pool is exhausted(no-more). A case in which the Afrinic board may act on its discretion following section

More inline

> Le 5 nov. 2018 à 12:53, Frank Habicht <geier at> a écrit :
> Hi,
> how (under which policies) would any of that reserved /12 be used before "AFRINIC, can no longer meet any more requests for address space" ?
> I see no way how it can be used, since there seems no policy under which in can be used. [1]

There supposed not to be any policy on how to make good use of this reserve for "future use is yet unforseen" until a need to use it to address a particular use case arise.

In such case, one would expect the PDP to be followed (maybe through it's  "varying processes"/ provision ) or the board acting according to section 15.4 of the bylaws.

Lack of policy today, does not mean, there won't be need in future.

According to (*) as of today, phase 2 will be triggered in July 2019 and we don't know how long will phase 2 last.


> If that's true, the "If the reserved /12 remains unused" will be true.
> That would ( i mean: will ) trigger the inclusaion of the reserved /12 into the normal phase 2 free pool.
> the /12 will be reserved, there's no way (policy) how it could become used, when it's needed it will be included into the free pool.

As demonstrated above, the reserve may be used or may not be used before the exhaustion pool dries out and the "If it remain unused " could be false.

> That means the same as if it was never there. Just more paperwork.

Paperwork?  In which sense?

> That means we could just as well remove 5.4.7 (incl and

So we  keep the reserve and use to replenish the exhaustion pool if unused and phase 2 pool cant no longer meet request for v4...
It is also worth mentioning that removing  5.4.7 without other provisions can make the /12 falls in phase 1 pool.

- Gregoire 

> Am I misunderstanding something?
> Regards,
> Frank

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