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[rpd] Removal of a director

Andrew Alston Andrew.Alston at
Fri Dec 15 14:35:22 UTC 2017

Dear Marcus,

Right now - I am on holiday with my family - sitting 9 hours behind my normal time zone - and wandering around Disney Land most of the time.

I will clarify and send the documents when I get time to access them - and I remind you - and Arsene - I have zero obligations to give you any information - in any time frame - and how long it takes - that’s up to me - when I have the chance to look up specifics - you will get them - until then - you are quite free to do what I will do to find them - go and read the bylaws and the companies act.

Shrug - btw - I have asked you a couple of things about a year or two ago - I believe the answer I got was something about enjoying a black label and getting back to me - care to go and answer those? I believe someone who has the time to sit and demand answers of others should not need a year to answer other emails


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From: Arsène Tungali <arsenebaguma at>
Sent: Friday, December 15, 2017 05:37
Subject: Re: [rpd] Removal of a director
To: Marcus K. G. Adomey <madomey at>
Cc: Andrew Alston <andrew.alston at>, rpd <rpd at>

2017-12-15 12:21 GMT+02:00 Marcus K. G. Adomey <madomey at<mailto:madomey at>>:
I think providing an answer to my request should not take so long for an immediate past board member, even if his computer is missing.

Been wondering the same thing.

I hope Andrew comes back soon with details :)



From: Marcus K. G. Adomey <madomey at<mailto:madomey at>>
Sent: Tuesday, December 12, 2017 9:03:50 PM
To: Andrew Alston; rpd
Subject: Re: Removal of a director

Hi Andrew,

Could you point to the bylaws section or the corporate document where   5% of members (registered and resources) can recall a director and vote by super majority?

Warm regards


From: Andrew Alston <Andrew.Alston at<mailto:Andrew.Alston at>>
Sent: Tuesday, December 12, 2017 2:30 PM
To: rpd
Subject: [rpd] Removal of a director


There are those that have said on this list that there is no procedure to recall a sitting board member.

This is fundamentally inaccurate - there is. It requires the signatures of 5% of the membership base to call for it - and following that a vote by super majority.

If I recall there was a resolution proposed to make this easier - first by myself - it was voted down - and second proposed by the board in Mauritius - again it was voted down - so the procedure exists and is as difficult as it is because that is what this community wanted.

This community has a habit of voting against things based on who proposed them then coming and asking for them again later. I really wonder what will happen when a director finishes his term and refuses to hand back his legal membership - and as a result cannot be removed as a member of the company - and as a result no new directors can be appointed.  Since that is the status quo that this community voted for and legitimized in Mauritius when they voted against the need for a director to relinquish his status at the end of his term.

Fascinating how this community acts against their own interests and then wants a revisit once the idea becomes “invented here”

Just like it will be curious if that audit policy ever passes and audits are demanded of the authors - some of whom to this day only utilize 25% of their allocated space that they have sat on for close to a decade.


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