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[rpd] Appeal Committee Terms of Reference (Version 1)

Owen DeLong owen at
Fri Aug 11 02:21:44 UTC 2017

> On Aug 9, 2017, at 14:48 , Boubakar Barry <boubakarbarry at> wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 9, 2017 at 9:02 PM, Owen DeLong <owen at <mailto:owen at>> wrote:
> Deleted previous posts of this thread, but my post applies to other threads you (Owen) has "contributed" to recently.
> Do you think you are the messiah Africa was waiting for to save us? You are too intrusive! If you want to support this community, you should be humble and send  _constructive_ posts. 

I’m sorry you don’t think my posts are constructive.

> There are hundreds if not thousands of the global Internet community members out there who are following these discussions but are wise enough to not interfere like you do. It's called sense of responsibility, if this word has a meaning to you.

I have a sense of responsibility as well. I consider it my responsibility to comment on the issues that concern me.

> Again, I urge you to be humble and listen to the people who are most concerned/affected by AfriNIC policies.

I believe I have listened to all of the contributors on this list. The fact that I may continue to disagree with them should not be mistaken for a failure to listen to them.

> Learn from friends of AfriNIC who contribute to the discussions but refrain themselves to be involved in sensitive "internal" issues.

I’m afraid I need some clarity here.

> BTW: sorry to ask about it (feel free to ignore), but I would like to know if you are self-employed or on the payroll of a company. If it's the latter, I would as that company be very worried about your actions in this space. Unless that company shares your views; could be.

I am employed by a company. I’ve made no secret of my employment affiliation. I speak here only for myself in most cases, but for the most part, my employers views are aligned with my own.

> You can of course respond that it's your personal opinion. But everyone knows that these opinions have impact one's company's reputation. If I have a staff who does publicly and consistently share views that are not inline with the company's values, I would just fire him/her if no ability to comply with the company/organisation's values.

While I don’t speak for Akamai and cannot as such make a statement on their core values beyond what is available online, I will say that I feel that their contributions and support of an open and free internet where all stakeholders can participate in bottom up policy development and active community engagement are well established and that openness, transparency, and fairness are core values that both Akamai and I share.

I’m not sure what values or opinions you feel I have expressed that would “tarnish the reputation” of my company (or myself for that matter) and I invite you to make your meaning here clear.


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