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[rpd] [Community-Discuss] Controversial anti-shutdown policy discussed at RIPE

Tutu Ngcaba pan.afrikhan at
Wed May 10 10:40:50 UTC 2017

Brother Elkins,

The ICANN chairman Steve said some concern of internet shutdown will
undermine the missions of Icann and the Afrinic and they two have the potential
power to do something in return.

The Afrinic Government Working Group AFGWG can work with the ICANN to
achieve more mutlistakeholders talkings and meetings. This is what needs to
be done in return.

I ask the AFGWG to do some taking to the ICANN and they can meet our
governments for education on economic important of Internet.

Best Regards,

Tutu Ngcaba
Kwazulu Techno Hubs
South Africa

On 10 May 2017 12:53 p.m., "Mark Elkins" <mje at> wrote:

I downloaded the complete video  from RIPE and watched it a few times. I
was also watching live.

Its large - but if you can do, download it and watch it.

Then again, when the Chairman of ICANN stands up and says that ICANN can

"Hi, my name is Steve Crocker, I am Chairman of ICANN and I'm here to help
you. (Regarding) take out of the root the affected ccTLD names" and he then
volunteered assistance from ICANN staff - also saying it would take between
two and five years to get to a decision whether to proceed or not.

The current policy concept does not go that far - but to me - certainly
suggests that the idea of punitive actions against governments is worth
looking at.

I regard it like a nuclear bomb. When in the hands of sane people (RIR's
and ICANN), it is a threat - to persuade bad actors to have second thoughts
against cutting people off from access to the Internet. If governments
choose to cut people off from access to the Internet for political reasons,
to me this is undermining the core mission of ICANN and the RIR's, both of
whom have the potential power to do something in return. We need to enable
that power from being simply a potential to being ready for use and hope
its never needed to be used.

On 10/05/2017 11:01, Noah wrote:

Mmmm on the contrary seems like most folk on the floor disagreed with the
contraversial policy and its approach no matter how much the Arthors seek
for better ways to improve it.

Some suggested multistake holder engagement and in particular Leslie Daigle
comments on the floor are worth taking into serious considerations by the

Leslie Daigle of ISOC agrees that there is a problem. She has concerns but
sounded to me more would like to see something. She just doesn't want to
see dialogue being undermined by this policy.

Perhaps talk is not enough?

The best comment in my opinion was from the Alan Durand who reminded
everyone what the real core mission of the RIR community is,  and that

I'd say he was more worried about the policy being used for much more than
it is currently intended for. (referenced to the colour of people's hair as
a reason to cut them off the Internet).

"To allocate resources and maintain the accuracy of the database".PERIOD.


[1]I have had in the past folk state statements like "How some ome runs his
network is none of anyones business and in that matter policing the network
is none of AFRINICs business"

On 10 May 2017 10:39 a.m., "Andrew Alston" <Andrew.Alston at>

> Thanks Marcus,
> Just some feedback for the community.
> It's been a great experience here at RIPE and some of the ideas given and
> the extensive discussions following the presentation referred to by Marcus
> have been both useful and informative.
> Draft 2 will be submitted shortly very much in line with what I presented
> in that presentation - and before the 7 day deadline as per the PDP so we
> can discuss on that basis.
> Following the meeting in Nairobi, I suspect we will then be gathering
> still further input and further drafts will follow, if there is no
> consensus found on the floor for the draft 2 that will be submitted.
> I think for myself, the most important thing I have seen at RIPE so far,
> is the huge willingness by people from every walk of life to engage in
> dialog and discussion over this, and it was heartening to see both my own
> positions and the positions of those I was discussing with shift as
> explanations were given and questions were asked and answered.  Since
> giving that presentation I have barely had a minute to think as people
> approached me to talk this through - and I really hope to see such
> engagement in Nairobi, because it truly showed the benefit of a multi
> stakeholder approach where open dialog and communication can happen, even
> in the absence of agreement and in the face of controversial material where
> people hold strong and emotive views.
> I look forward to the discussions on the floor of the PDP and engaging
> with all of you to hear your thoughts and views and finding the right
> solution to the issue.
> Thanks
> Andrew
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> discussed at RIPE
> Dear Colleagues.
> You might want to see the presentation of the controversial draft
> anti-shutdown policy (AFPUB-2017-GEN-001-DRAFT-01) at a recent RIPE
> meeting.  I found the questions/comments from the RIPE community similar to
> that shared by many on the RPD, mostly about the inappropriateness of such
> policy in our region… or any other for that matter.  Enjoy watching it.
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> Thanks
> Marcus
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