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[rpd] Routed block of IPs to my internet connection

Mark Elkins mje at
Mon May 8 09:05:00 UTC 2017

On 08/05/2017 08:38, Eric C. Kom wrote:

> Good   day all,
> On 6 May 2017 at 01:26, Mark Elkins <mje at
> <mailto:mje at>> wrote:
>     Wrong place to ask - but whatever.
> ​May I have a correct address Mark?​

This should probably be on the Community-discuss mailing lists.
The RDP list is more for Policy discussions.
Subscription info follows:

List-Id: General Discussions of AFRINIC <>
List-Post: <mailto:community-discuss at>
List-Subscribe: <>, 
 <mailto:community-discuss-request at>

I'm replying here - so you can use this info to subscribe to
community-discuss. I expect you to subscribe and continue the
conversation there - please.
I'm also pretty sure this conversation will help other people do the
same or similar as you.

You may also want to copy this discussion on the South African mailing
list of "IOZ" - where others in the local technical community may assist
you further.

List-Id: IOZ Technical Discussion <>
List-Post: <mailto:tech at>
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 <mailto:tech-request at>

>     (Eric Kom runs a network at a further education college in South
>     Africa, I've helped him in the past with Domain Names and he has
>     been on my DNS/DNSSEC courses)
> ​YES: Mark is right, you always been my good mentor. ​
>     You should ask for an End User block of address space - which is
>     expensive the first year then $100 (?) a year after that. That would
> ​I will contact AFRINIC.

Before that:
Look on - in
particular at
(for the application form) and
(for *End Site* membership fees).

You'd need to pay a once off Assignment fee of US$2500 and a Membership
(Annual) fee of US$200 (Sorry - got the price wrong in a previous
e-mail). You should ask if your "Further Educational Status" gives you
the right to have reduced fees as I assume this is for the college you
work at.

>     be for a /24 or 256 IPv4 addresses. You should also ask for a /48
>     of IPv6 address space and an ASN - which currently costs nothing
>     extra. I don't see this as difficult. Technically -
> ​Okay
>     I believe you need to show that you will be talking to more than
>     one "provider" - thus needing your own block IP. Providers include
>     Exchange points (
>     ​​
>     JINX, NapAfrica @Teraco) as well as those people that sell Transit
>     to the rest of the Internet (Telkom, Posix - etc).
> ​I may not understand clearly the above paragraph. Internet provider
> or block IPs?

If your application is successful, you'll have your own "block" of IP
addresses. Some guidelines state:

If you are a typical end-site or customer and may need globally unique
IPv4 addresses from your ISP:

  * You can ask your LIR/ISP for address space, and must justify the
  * If you want an IPv4 /24 or larger, you can:
      o Either request and possibly get it from your LIR/ISP
        (recommended option), OR:
      o You can get it directly from AfriNIC, under the policy for IP
        address assignments to end-sites, for the possible reasons that: 
          + You want to be independent from your ISP's IP address space,
            to avoid returning the ISP's IP addresses and renumbering
            your networks when you change ISPs.
          + Your ISP will not assign you the required IP address space. 

  * You want to be independent from your ISP’s IP address space, to
    avoid returning the ISP’s IP addresses and renumbering your networks
    when you change ISPs.
  * Your ISP will not assign you the required IP address space.
      o Routability of the prefix assigned by AFRINIC is not guaranteed,
        and is the responsibility of the end-site.

And from the Policy Manual, End User sites:

*5.6  IPv4 End-User (PI) Assignments*

AFRINIC assigns blocks of IPv4 addresses to end-users who request
address space for their internal use in running their own networks, but
not for sub-delegation or reassignment of those addresses outside their
organization. End-users must meet some requirements for justifying the
assignment of an address block.


*5.6.1 Minimum assignment*

In general, the minimum block of IP address space assigned by AFRINIC to
end- users is a /24. If assignments smaller than /24 are needed,
end-users should contact their upstream provider. Prefixes assigned to
End-User will be from a block reserved for that purpose.


*5.6.2 First End-user assignment criteria*

The requesting End users must:

  * Be an AFRINIC member in good standing
  * Show either an existing efficient utilization of at less /25 from
    their upstream provider.
  * Justify an immediate need of at less 50% of total requested size
    based on their Network Infrastructure. For example, a new company.


You'll then need to get you block routed out to the Internet. If
tunnelled over ADSL (to keep communication costs as low as possible)
then you'll need a Static address on your side and you'll need to talk
to an ISP that will accept your routes, to carry your traffic onwards to
the rest of the Internet. i.e. - They will need to provide you with an
end point for your tunnel.

Not sure if this makes anything clearer?

>     Getting that routed natively may be a challenge - especially over
>     Telkom SA's ADSL product. If there is a local fibre provider, it
>     might be easier. Telkom SA can sell you access to Metro Ethernet
>     or other Digital products and will Route (BGP) natively for you -
>     but way more expensive than ADSL type connections.
> ​Right now it is difficult to get Fibre provider in my location White
> River, I tried to look at Nelspruit, but could not find.​
>     You could certainly tunnel the IPv6 block over to the likes of
>     Hurricane Electric though. You may also be able to tunnel your
>     IPv4 block over ADSL to someone who would advertise it for you. It
>     then becomes pretty much transparent. Traditionally, you'll need a
>     router on you side that can talk BGP and perhaps run tunnels. A
>     Mikrotik should be an economic enough solution.
> ​I used RouterBOARD already. ​
> ​Pretty good​
>     On 06/05/2017 09:35, Eric C. Kom wrote:
>>     ​Good day Folks,
>>     I don't know if I am using the right forum for this question!
>>     I have an Internet Service Project that would need a block of IP
>>     addresses between 100 to 200 addresses.
>>     As far as I know, local ISP in South Africa do not provide
>>     Internet Connection with more than 5 Static IPs per package. 
>>     My question is, if I buy block of IPs from AFRINIC; how can I
>>     routed those IPs to my Internet Connection?
>>     It is possible to do so?
>>     Thanks in advance.
>>     Eric Kom

Mark James ELKINS  -  Posix Systems - (South) Africa
mje at       Tel: +27.128070590  Cell: +27.826010496
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