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[rpd] Soft Landing Review

Dewole Ajao dewole at
Thu Dec 8 06:53:31 UTC 2016

Thanks for the email, Mark. If I may quickly summarize your email, you 
are recommending:

1. Maintain phase 1 and phase 2 of soft-landing status as presently defined

2. Add a phase 3 in which the strategic reserve /12 (that was hitherto 
for unforeseen use) is unlocked and used strictly for organizations that 
have less than /22 at the time of application. Allocation/assignment 
size for each application will be limited to /22. Qualified 
organizations can apply up to twice for (/22) allocations/assignments in 
phase 3 (as long as their final total is not greater than /21).

3. Apply non-mobility to any resources received in phases 2 and 3. I 
guess this deals with the problem of people registering new 
organizations just to access resources and then selling the resources in 
a transfer. Such new companies could still be sold lock, stock and 
barrel though?

Dear PDWG, please share your thoughts on the discussion list so we can 


On 07/12/2016 11:52, Mark Elkins wrote:
> On 07/12/2016 02:49, sm+afrinic at wrote:
>> I have simplified the following; I have also not considered some
>> of the input to the discussions:  There has been input from two
>> "internet service providers" only.  Given that there is only 1.38
>> IPv4 /8 available, can a decision which will affect the entire.
>> service region be taken?
> I've been looking at the current Soft Landing proposal - the one that is
> in existence and the one that I contributed a little bit to (thanks
> Douglas!).
> Essentially:-
> Phase 1:
> When we hit the last /8, Phase 1 reduces the max size of an
> allocation/assignment from /10 to /13. It also carves off a /12 for
> unforeseen use. This continues until we have a /11 left.
> This will allow for 7 x /11's and a /12 - if people choose the largest
> possible sizes. This will still take a while to go through.
> Phase 2:
> Allow people to get up to a /22. People can come back multiple times.
> There are 2048 of these /22 blocks available. This would take a while to
> burn through, simply because the process is a bit slow.
> Then we are finished.
>                        -------------
> However - the Unforeseen /12 could still be used.
> We already have reserves for IXP's and Critical infrastructure.
> I'd like to see a revision that there is then a Phase 3:
> That the /12 can be given out in /22's (there are 1024 of these) but
> only to people with a total of less than a /21 (including what they ask
> for). ie - New people could come back once. This I believe will last
> multiple years.
> I don't believe we need any further reserves.
> We only need to last another two or three years.
> Lastly - any addresses from Phase 2 or 3 can never be transferred, (M&A
> included) and must be returned to AFRINIC for re-deployment.
> Thoughts?
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