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[rpd] Accountability assessment

sm+afrinic at sm+afrinic at
Fri Jul 8 08:40:06 UTC 2016

Hi Noah,
At 00:58 08-07-2016, Noah wrote:
>I was not naive when I asked all the above questions. I knew what I 
>was asking and why I was asking.

I thought that you were asking the question to the mailing list.  I 
don't think that it is naive to ask questions.  I also ask questions 
( ).

>FYI, besides being an netizen and a community member, I AM A 
>RESOURCE MEMBER. I therefore have all the rights to query anything 
>and raise my concerns where I see fit. I just prefer to conduct 
>myself as a community member.

Sorry about that.  I did not know that you are representing Neo TMT 
as a resource member.  Mr Aina asked me to stop discussing ( ).  I am 
replying to you as I do not wish to violate the code of conduct by 
not replying to a question from a resource member which was addressed 
to me.  I agree that you have all the rights as you are a resource member.

>What I was trying to point out is that, whether a resource member or 
>non-resource member, some decision regarding AFRINIC business ought 
>to be openly discussed following the bottom up approach. [1]

Thank you for explaining that as it helped me to understand what you 
were trying to point out.

>Therefore since some members are so bent on the argument that only 
>resource members should be concerned....
>I beg to ask!
>Were the so called resource members/voters/the paying one's 
>consulted regarding this new fees being proposed?

The above question seems to be addressed to me.  I could only follow 
the last meeting remotely.  There was some technical issues ( ) and it was 
difficult for me to understand what was being discussed at that 
meeting.  As I was unable to follow the financial discussions (fees, 
etc.) it is not possible for me to answer your question.

S. Moonesamy

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