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[rpd] Accountability assessment

ALAIN AINA aalain at
Thu Jul 7 21:27:22 UTC 2016

Hello SM

 I beg. Lets stop this discussion about to whom AFRINIC belong to, playing with “members" and "non members", invoking RSA and AFRINIC Ltd, etc…. 
We have come a long way to this community driven organisation which role is to serve the AFRICAN Internet  community by distributing numbers ressources and beyond.  Like other RIRs, the AfriNIC organisational structure has been set to encourage a bottom-up self governance management model in which community in general, members, the Board of Directors elected by these members have a  role and a say.

I would invite all of us to read :

- The 1997  AFRINIC proposal

- The IANA report on AFRNIC accreditation

- AFRINIC vision, mission, cores values and success factors

I  would also suggest that we plan a session on AFRINIC History during AFRINC-25  like we had AF* history  at AIS2016

Hope this helps


> On Jul 7, 2016, at 3:55 PM, sm+afrinic at wrote:
> Hi Noah, Badru,
> At 09:22 06-07-2016, Noah wrote:
>> Who elects the directors, do they elect themselves?
> The directors of Afrinic Ltd are elected by the members of Afrinic Ltd.
>> Whose interests do they serve?
> One of the powers of the directors of the company is to "determine the guidelines for the allocation of address space to members in line with the member driven Policy Development Process".
>> What where they before they became directors?
> The directors were members of the company.
>> Are they now so special now all over sudden and cant consult the same community "resource members + non" who elected them? [1]
> The "non" (in the above) does not elect the directors.  Section 6(d) of the RSA states that the members of Afrinic Ltd will follow the policies adopted by this group and follow global policies.  Membership fees, for example, are not set through policies which are adopted by this group.  Membership fees is usually a matter discussed between the members who pay those fees.  A member usually does not vote for a director if the member is dissatisfied with the decisions taken by the director.  That is the accountability angle.
> At 00:07 07-07-2016, Badru Ntege wrote:
>> The company belongs to the community at large under the custody of current members who then elect a board.   It should never be seen as a top down issue.
> If the company belongs to this group there would be a document about that.  The only "agreement" up to now is the one where the company agrees that its members will follow the policies adopted by this group.  There is a discussion about that in the mailing list archives.
> Regards,
> S. Moonesamy  
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