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[rpd] Draft inbound policy

Lu Heng at
Tue Jun 21 07:33:16 UTC 2016

Hi Tore:

mutual-agreement  does not mean the agreement is fair. RIPE accept it,
simply means RIPE community accept unfair agreement(or not aware of
such loophole, again, no one can represent entire community thoughts,
but community can choice to close such loophole if the community feels

It's invitation for an unfair agreement, it's like I can invite you to
pay me 1000 USD every month for no reason, if you accept it, there is
nothing wrong with it, but it does not make it fair.

But again, Afrinic has least amount of numbers and some special care
for it, I see nothing wrong with it.

On Tue, Jun 21, 2016 at 9:18 AM, Tore Anderson <tore at> wrote:
> * Owen DeLong
>> I am thoroughly opposed to this policy.
>> It is not fair in that it is a one-way (inbound-only) policy. If
>> AfriNIC wants to participate in the inter-RIR transfer process, then
>> it should do so as a full citizen on an equal footing.
> Speaking as a member of the RIPE community (but obviously not on behalf
> of the RIPE community), I do not consider this proposed policy as being
> unfair at all.
> The RIPE community passed an Inter-RIR transfer policy that
> deliberately does *not* require the other RIR's policy to be two-way.
> Thus, if the AfriNIC community wants to open the door for one-way
> transfers from the RIPE region, then that is totally fine as far as the
> RIPE community's policies are concerned.
> Should we change our mind about this later, it is of course possible
> for us to change our Inter-RIR transfer policy at any point in the
> future, e.g., by starting to demand reciprocity (like the ARIN
> community already does).
> The proposed policy merely extends an invitation to the other four
> regions. It is up to them to decide whether to accept it (like RIPE) or
> decline it (like ARIN); the AfriNIC community simply does not have the
> power to unilaterally force an unfair Inter-RIR transfer arrangement
> onto another region.
> Tore (who neither supports nor objects to the proposed policy; I
> believe AfriNIC policy should be for the AfriNIC community to decide)
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Kind regards.

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