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[rpd] Statistics on IPV4 allocation in Africa as of 2016

Owen DeLong owen at
Tue Jun 21 04:43:36 UTC 2016

> On Jun 20, 2016, at 18:31 , Kris Seeburn <seeburn.k at> wrote:
> So i just want to push another thought in this pool of ideas going around. I wanted us all to think :
> One i agree that afrinic cannot and should not impose IPv6 as much as it concerns the major LIRs which to me is quite understandable at this stage and am again 50/50 on this. It is like ok giving some v6 resources away which is not being used majorly either since the concentration is still with the v4 space. Fair enough, Afrinic in the past had decided to give v6 resources for free to help in its growth. So nothing much is happening so far. So am i picking suggestions that we should not give v6 resources away for free? 
> The other thinking i am having is ok fine perhaps the minimal v6 allocation that comes with the v4 resources is too much anyways - perhaps a very least minimal give away should be /52 or /56 on a general approach for organisations to look at it and perhaps then come back and ask for bigger blocks that can be charged?


Please do not encourage this IPv4-thinking with IPv6. Every end site should get a /48. More if there’s some reason for it which I find somewhat unimaginable, but my imagination is admittedly limited.

Stop scarcity-thinking and trying to conserve the wrong things in IPv6. There are PLENTY of /48s in the first /3. If I’m wrong to the extent that we finish off even this first /3 in 50 years, then by all means, I will help you write more restrictive policies for the remaining 6+ /3s.

> On a different scale as far as Academia/Research is concerned perhaps we should take a different approach with them. Since they are kind of key to research we can take it that v4 resources and v6 resources should be allocated differently and dual stacking be requested as part of allocation. People do not get me wrong here. This is the very start of teaching and research which may require further in depth thinking and these institutions as much as paying 50% in general terms should be able to nurture the future of v6 as well. I know in general Academia does not want to be touched and compared differently we need to also see the real essence of facts.

I admit I’m not sure I understand what exactly you are attempting to propose here.

> Bottomline what is important is also survival of the businesses as much as survival of Afrinic as well. Great policies great but i feel personally that everything needs to be weighted as well to ensure sustained growth in all parts of the organisations in general. 

That sounds great, but can you express it in concrete actions as I’m unsure how anyone goes about implementing it in policy or in actions on their own networks.


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