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[rpd] Draft inbound policy

JP froztbyte at
Mon Jun 20 13:47:16 UTC 2016


Just to add some clarity to my prior mail, I used “policy” in a few 
places when I meant “proposal”/“policy proposal”.


On 17 Jun 2016, at 11:09, Andrew Alston wrote:

> Hi All,
> The following has been submitted to policy-submission and I am also 
> posting it here for discussion in the mean time.
> Thanks
> Andrew
> Draft Policy Name: Inbound Transfer Policy
> Unique Identifier:
> Status: Under Discussion
> Submission Date: 17 June 2016
> Amends: N/A
> Author(s):
> a. Andrew Alston (andrew.alston at
> b. Christopher Mwangi (Christopher.mwangi at
> 1. Introduction:
> The AfriNIC Service Region has the lowest amount of IPv4 space of any 
> of the RIR defined regions.  As such, when AfriNIC depletes its 
> current space, there will still be a need for further IPv4 addresses 
> on the continent. In addition to this, there may be circumstances 
> where companies wish to use specific v6 resources and ASN’s 
> unavailable on the continent.
> While the community has voiced concerns that enacting a transfer 
> policy will result in the flow of resources off the continent, this 
> policy addresses that by purely catering for inbound transfers, 
> without allowing or affecting transfers flowing out of the continent 
> to other RIR service regions.
> 2. Resources covered under this policy
> This policy covers the inbound transfer of all IP resources, including 
> ASN’s, both 16bit and 32bit, IPv4 space and IPv6 space
> 3. Details of inbound transfer requirements
> AfriNIC shall accept all inbound transfers of all resources explicitly 
> referred to in section 2
> For transfers into the region, the recipient of IP space (v4 or v6) 
> must provide a plan to AfriNIC for the use of at least 50% of the 
> transferred resource within the next 5 years.
> Once received, the space shall form part of the recipient’s normal 
> allocations for the purpose of evaluating the size of the recipient 
> from an AfriNIC membership perspective.
> Should a recipient of transferred space apply for further resources 
> from AfriNIC directly, all space received via transfers shall be 
> included in any evaluation done for further resource allocation by 
> AfriNIC.
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