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[rpd] LACNIC has adopted Intra-RIR Transfers Policy and Rejected Inter-RIR transfers Policy

Scott Leibrand scottleibrand at
Tue Apr 5 11:19:22 UTC 2016

Intra-RIR transfer policy is a good first step toward mitigating the worst effects of IPv4 exhaustion, and may be the only step necessary for a particular region, at least for awhile. Once an intra-RIR transfer market is established, it is fairly easy to see, from market prices, whether there is a surplus or shortage of IPv4 addresses within the region. If, after the RIR free pool is exhausted, prices in the region end up higher inside the region than outside it, (indicating a shortage, as was true in RIPE), then you can later expand the intra-RIR transfer policy to allow inter-RIR transfers as well, with confidence that addresses will, on net, flow into the region rather than leaving. 

From: serge ilunga <sergekbk at>
Sent: Tuesday, April 5, 2016 2:04 AM
Subject: [rpd] LACNIC has adopted Intra-RIR Transfers Policy and Rejected Inter-RIR transfers Policy
To: rpd <rpd at>

Dear Community,

I would liketo share with you the links below announcing that intra-RIR transfers have beenadopted while Inter-RIR transfers have been rejected by LACNIC.

A new policy on intra-RIR transfers is now in force
IPv4 Inter-RIR transfers policy proposal abandoned in  2015 as in 2014

IPv4 RIR resources post exhaustion period is coming with  issues that need to be handled in a proper way.Discussions have been made on this list on this matter and some  opinions (Inter RIR , Intra RIR transfers andout of region transfer policy) have been expressed on this list.

As we can see, LACNIC has adopted policies preventing moveof IPv4 resources out of region. 

This fact corroborates the opinion saying that we can’t affordto sustain any policy that will make legal the move of IPv4 resources out ofour region. 

We are  a community driven organization and  our main objective is  to work for the growth of Internet in ourregion. For each decision and choice to be made  at the time being, we have to make sure that IPv4resources needed to migrate to IPv6 will be available for the majority of ourmembers (current, New and critical infrastructures).


Kind Regards.
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